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What To Serve With Mushroom Soup: 7 Most Delicious Side Dishes

Mushroom soup is a wonderful and hearty comfort soup that can be served with all kinds of foods. From bread to sandwiches, salads to toppings, have a look at what to serve with mushroom soup!

Comfort foods are perfect on chilly nights and rainy days and no comfort food hits like a good old bowl of mushroom soup.

It’s the perfect combat to the weather on its own but there are so many sides I love to have with this comforting dish to make it even all the more hearty.

Here are some of the best ideas for all kinds of toppings and tasty side dishes that are the perfect complement for this amazing meal!

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What to serve with mushroom soup? 7 best sides

  • Bread

Bread is such a versatile food and an amazing accompaniment for so many different meals. It’s my number one go-to and one of the most classic choices to serve with soup, especially mushroom soup. 

Trust me when I say there’s nothing quite like having a nice slice of hearty sourdough, crusty baguette, tasty breadsticks, some cheesy toast or just about any kind of garlic-flavored bread with mushroom soup.

It’ll soak up the rich flavor of your creamy mushroom soup really well and even add a bit of crunch to each and every single bite you take as well as some extra flavor to your meal.

  • Salad

Besides some crusty bread, having a light and refreshing salad alongside a warm bowl of homemade mushroom soup can make for an amazing family dinner. It’s a healthy side with fresh ingredients that works well to complement the soup.

I like having a simple mixed green salad tossed in a tangy vinaigrette and finally, topped with some finely grated Swiss cheese to complete my mushroom soup meal. I’ve also tried out Caesar salad with chunky tomato slices and crunchy garlic croutons with my hot mushroom soup and all I can say is that that was a meal for the ages.

Feel free to customize! Throw in your favorite fresh vegetables if you’d like for some extra flavor and added nutrition to your meal.

  • Sandwich

A hearty sandwich is also one heck of an addition to some creamy mushroom soup. There’s nothing compared to what a grilled cheese sandwich can do with creamy soups but there are so many options out there for you to try.

A toast avocado, horseradish sandwich or even a veggie burger with the freshest and tastiest of fillings. Don’t be shy to experiment with all kinds of bread like cheese bread, garlic bread, ciabatta, pita, focaccia and even bread bowls. They can add a special touch to your sandwiches and entire meal!

  • Crackers or chips

Looking for a quick, light and easy option you can have on busy weeknights to go with your creamy mushroom soup? Some crackers or chips would be the perfect companion for you.

Crackers as well as chips are a simple side dish you can get from grocery stores that’ll be the perfect pairing for a creamy bowl of some mushroom soup for a hearty meal.

I always go for plain crackers with low calories, like a water cracker or if I’m feeling naughty, a buttery cracker like Ritz crackers. For chips, some tortillas and pitas always work well for me when I want something lighter and crispier than crackers to pair with the creamy texture of my soup.

  • Toppings

Adding the right toppings to your mushroom soup can work wonders for your soup. It might come as a pleasant surprise to you when you experience how simple ingredients can take your delicious meal to the next level.

From garlic croutons for an extra crunch or even a sprinkle of some cheese over your bowl of soup to chopped herbs like parsley and chives for extra flavour and even roasted and sauteed mushrooms for extra protein, they’re all great toppings that can make a heartier soup for dinner.

  • Baked or roasted vegetables

Besides bread, a fresh salad and a sandwich, roasted or baked vegetables are the perfect soup pairings if you’re looking to make your bowl of mushroom soup as hearty and filling as possible. It’s also one of the best healthy side dishes you could have with your mushroom soup.

The smoky flavors of the roasted or baked veggies will add oomph to the savory flavor of your soup and more depth to your meal as a whole. Plus, there are so many health benefits veggies provide and you’ll be getting the bulk of those by incorporating them into your meal.

Oven-baked broccoli and cauliflower, roasted potatoes, spicy grilled asparagus, and slightly charred bell peppers as well as carrots are some of my favorite veggies to have with mushroom soup, but feel free to have whichever ones you fancy the most.

  • Rice

Rice and soup is a wonderful combo and by far one of my favorite comfort food pairings. If you don’t want to have bread, are not in the mood for a sandwich, haven’t got the time to prep baked veggies and don’t really feel like a sandwich, having rice with your soup is another filling alternative.

Whether it’s boiling the rice in the soup or having some rice pilaf as a side to a bowl of hot soup, it’s a classic pairing that makes for a complete meal. I like opting for basmati rice or even brown rice, but just about any kind will do for your favorite mushroom soup recipe.

You can also try out other healthy grains instead, like quinoa.

Frequently asked questions

A bowl of mushroom cream soup stands on a white plate that is on a table. There is a tablespoon and some scattered mushrooms around the bowl | Girl Meets Food
What pairs well with mushrooms?

All kinds of grains like rice and quinoa, vegetables like broccoli and asparagus, herbs, all kinds of nuts and even dairy go well with mushrooms.

What is good with soup for dinner?

Salads, spicy baked potato wedges, garlic bread, oven-roasted veggies, grilled cheese sandwiches and all kinds of sides are good with soup for dinner.

What goes with wild mushroom soup

You can pair some wild mushroom soup with sauteed wild mushrooms, a simple salad or even some thin toasted baguette slices for a heartier and more delicious soup.

BOTTOM LINE: Mushroom soup is a comforting and satisfying meal perfect for just about any occasion. Whether you’re having it for lunch or dinner, having this soup with a side or topping is a great way to go. Try it out with bread, a simple salad, a nice sandwich, crackers, chips or even rice to make an already warm and lovely meal even more delicious! So next time you make mushroom soup, try serving it with one of these tasty options and enjoy a warm and comforting meal.

Fancy any of these side dishes? How about you try them out and tell me how it went in the comments?

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