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About Me

Hi, I’m Olivia and I’m (very) passionate about food.

I love cooking up a storm in my own kitchen and learning new things about food. Exploring the culinary world so far has taught me a lot about our bodies, the planet and cultural diversity.

I also love my family and my cats (probably in that order). I’m a strict vegetarian/casual vegan and I like to know which foods I can and can’t eat.

GirlMeetsFood is a blog where you can get your answers to the most important, gripping and sometimes controversial questions about the things you eat.

What started as a simple curiosity in my small flat in Hamburg in 2014 is now a mission to taste and experience all the delicious foods the world has to offer (as long as they’re vegetarian or vegan, of course!).

About My Journey

My love for food started at a young age and has only blossomed over the years. My interest in other countries and their distinctive cuisines drove me to the UK, Australia and beyond!

I worked in various restaurants and hotels to develop my cooking abilities and obtain a deeper grasp of diverse ingredients and cooking methods.

I decided to start GirlMeetsFood after realizing how much I wanted to share my love of food with people. My goal is to use knowledge about food to make life easier, healthier and more planet-friendly.

I want to inspire others to ask questions about the food they eat, embrace new ingredients, and never stop discovering the fantastic world of food with GirlMeetsFood.

I welcome you to come along on this adventure with me, whether you are an experienced cook or just a food lover like me. Let’s discover all the culinary secrets together!