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About Me

Hi, I’m Viktoriia Pyvovar, a writer and creator of this blog, coming all the way from Ukraine.

I love getting creative in the kitchen and discovering new things about food. Exploring the culinary world so far has taught me a lot about our bodies, the planet and cultural diversity.

I’m here to sprinkle some fun into your journey through Ukrainian cuisine and beyond.

About Girl Meets Food

I decided to start GirlMeetsFood after leaving my job as an English teacher, where I had worked for three years.

I couldn’t ignore my passion for writing any longer, so I embraced it along with my curiosity about cooking.

My initial goal was to inspire others to ask questions about the food they eat and try new ingredients. That’s why I wrote about foods by letter, ingredient substitutes, and even freezing guides.

Yet, as a Ukrainian, I knew I had this amazing opportunity to share more. So, I grabbed my chance and plunged into the culinary treasures of my homeland.

Now, GirlMeetsFood is a place where I talk about Eastern European cuisine, uncovering authentic recipes and culinary traditions.

More About Viktoriia

In addition to my love for food, I also can’t live without coffee and dream of launching a coffee shop bookstore. And hey, why not throw in some snacks and yoga classes while we’re at it?

Because who doesn’t need a caffeine kick, a good read, a full belly, and a zen moment all rolled into one, right? That’s pretty much my life.

Dreams aside, I do love bringing people together through food. I can’t imagine going out with a friend and not grabbing a bite. That’s how I click with people—over good food and stimulating conversations.

If I don’t have anyone around, I take pleasure in cooking just for myself. It’s my chance to play mad scientist in the kitchen.

I hope my content inspires you to try Ukrainian dishes and explore other Eastern European cuisines. The food here is truly amazing, so let’s eat together!

My Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Education/Pedagogy (Teacher of the English Language and Literature)

Keep in Touch!

Whether you want to share your favorite recipe, discuss a recent read, or simply chat about all things food, feel free to reach out!

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  • Email: You can contact me directly at [email protected].

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