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What is the Best Slovak Breakfast? 4 Amazing Recipes

It’s embarrassing that I’ve never travelled to Slovakia—especially considering how close it is to Ukraine—but it didn’t stop me from trying a Slovak breakfast.

Slovak Breakfast featured image | Girl Meets Food

I don’t think Slovaks are very picky when it comes to breakfast, as their morning meal is quite similar to what you’d find in other European countries.

This includes eggs, sausages, cereal, yoghurt, bread with butter, coffee and other typical breakfast foods and drinks.

A popular choice is the šunka s vajcom, which means ham and eggs in English. Fried or boiled eggs, ham slices, and toast make up this basic breakfast dish.

If you’re looking for something eccentric, you should definitely try treska v majonéze, a cod salad prepared with cod, mayonnaise, onions, and other veggies.

If you like a sweet breakfast, you can enjoy some palacinky, Slovak crepes which can be served with different toppings and feelings.

I also gathered some real recipes you can try making at home for a traditional breakfast. Try them out now!

Slovak Breakfast Recipes

Sausage, egg and cheese kolache sliced in half | Girl Meets Food
Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Kolache
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Kolache is a great breakfast idea no matter what it’s filled with. It can be fruit preserves, cottage cheese, poppy seeds or even savory fillings like sausage, egg, and cheese.

This recipe is how you pack the ultimate breakfast staples into a traditional Slovak pastry.

Simply stuff some sausage, scrambled eggs, and cheese into the center of your kolache dough before baking.

Slovak potato pancakes topped with sour cream | Girl Meets Food
Potato Pancakes
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You can never go wrong with potato pancakes for a Slovak breakfast. They’re very simple to make with some potatoes, onions, and seasonings and can help you get a taste of several European cuisines at once.

I beg you to serve them with sour cream because it’s just the perfect combination. As a Ukrainian, I know what I’m talking about.

You can check out some of my classic Ukrainian morning breakfasts to learn more about my heritage.

Bryndzové halušky topped with bacon bits | Girl Meets Food
Bryndzove Halusky
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Bryndzové halušky provide another filling Slovak breakfast choice. These little potato dumplings are boiled and served with a generous portion of creamy, sour bryndza, a sheep cheese.

If you like bacon for breakfast, these dumplings taste truly otherworldly when topped with crispy bacon bits.

Slovak pound cake Babovka on the plate | Girl Meets Food
Babovka (Slovak Pound Cake)
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I had to make this breakfast menu complete with something sweet so we have a Slovak pound cake. This delicious, fragrant cake has mild vanilla and chocolate flavors.

It’s only slightly sweet so you don’t have to worry about sugar overload first thing in the morning.

But then again, when isn’t a perfect time for a slice? Have it any time of the day for a little pick-me-up.

You can also discover other Slovak dessert ideas and enjoy them with your morning coffee!

If you like cookies, why not have a batch for breakfast? Explore some popular Slovak cookies and see which ones you’d like to try.

Which country are you from? Share your favorite childhood breakfasts and other nostalgic meals in the comments!

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Slovak potato pancakes topped with sour cream | Girl Meets Food

What is the Best Slovak Breakfast? 4 Amazing Recipes

These easy recipes are sure to please your palate and introduce you to a traditional Slovak breakfast. Look no further!


  • Sausage (Egg, and Cheese Kolache)
  • Potato Pancakes
  • Bryndzove Halusky
  • Babovka (Slovak Pound Cake)
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