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Top 6 Czech Pastries: From Prague to Your Plate

If you’re in the mood for some Czech pastries, these recipes you’ll find here are a must-try!

With so many delicious recipes out there, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the best ones to try.

Luckily, in addition to my take on the best Czech Republic desserts, I’ve also made a list of the top 6 Czech pastries. So get your baking tools ready!

Top Czech Pastries featured image | Girl Meets Food

6 Best Czech Pastries

If you like following traditional recipes even if they have a bit of a modern spin, I think you’ll like what I selected.

Czech Kolaches on the parchment paper | Girl Meets Food
Koláč (Kolach)
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Koláč is a famous Czech pastry usually filled with fruit jams, such as apricot or raspberry, but it can also be filled with cheese or poppy seeds.

The fillings add a nice touch to the soft and slightly sweet dough. Plus, the streusel topping is always a great choice.

You can find kolache in Czech bakeries or make them yourself. Trust me, the sweet cottage cheese ones are amazing!

Two plates with jam filled rolls on a marble surface | Girl Meets Food
Buchty (Sweet Pastry Rolls)
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Get ready for a tasty treat—buchty, jam-filled rolls popular in Czech cuisine.

These sweet pastries can have a traditional filling like cherry, apricot or plum jam. Other popular ones are sweet cheese, poppy seeds, or fresh fruit.

But the real star of the show is the smooth and slightly sweet yeast dough. To make them even more scrumptious, top them off with powdered sugar or crumbly streusel.

And here’s a tip: enjoy these delightful sweet rolls with a warm cup of coffee or tea for a truly special breakfast.

Sliced Poppy Seed Roll on the cutting board | Girl Meets Food
Poppy Seed Roll (Makový Závin)
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The poppy seed roll, which is called makový závin in Czech, is a tasty pastry filled with ground poppy seeds, sugar, and occasionally raisins.

After baking, it’s dusted with powdered sugar and cut into thick, delicious slices.

Feel free to give this gluten-free recipe a try—it’s an amazing sweet treat! If you don’t have any dietary restrictions, you can also try it with regular flour.

Štrudl, or Závin

Sliced strudl on a plate | Girl Meets Food

The Czech Republic is one of many Eastern European countries that love štrudl, also known as závin.

The only difference between závin and štrudl is that strudel is most commonly associated with apples.

The recipe calls for rolling out a thin dough and stuffing it with a combination of spices and fruit. The dough is then carefully rolled into a log shape and baked.

Though apple strudel is the most common kind, you can try other sweet fillings like cherry, and pear, or even savory ones like cabbage or cheese.

Trdelník (Chimney Cake)

Trdelník dessert in someone's hand | Girl Meets Food
The Trdelník I tried in Staré Město (Prague Old Town)

One of the most popular street foods in the Czech Republic is Trdelník. This tasty snack gets its charming spiral shape from rolling out dough with a wooden cylinder and baking it over an open flame or grill.

The pastry can be topped with sugar, cinnamon, chocolate, or even ice cream.

I absolutely loved trying Trdelník during my visit to Prague. It was incredible—warm, soft, and perfectly sweet.

If you’re looking for similar Czech dishes, don’t miss out on more Czech snacks!

Kobliha (Czech Donut)

Kobliha (Czech jam-filled donuts) on a white surface | Girl Meets Food

All across the country, you can find bakeries selling kobliha, a traditional pastry that tastes a lot like donuts.

It’s a flaky, round pastry filled with a delectable assortment of ingredients. Jam and fruit marmalade are the most popular fillings, while chocolate and vanilla cream are other options.

Adding powdered sugar on top makes it taste even sweeter.

Which of these delicious pastries sounds the most tempting? Share it in the comments!

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Sliced strudl on a plate | Girl Meets Food

Top 6 Czech Pastries: From Prague to Your Plate

Discover the best Czech pastries to transport you to the charming streets of Prague bite by bite. Don’t miss out!


  • Koláč (Kolach)
  • Buchty (Sweet Pastry Rolls)
  • Poppy Seed Roll (Makový Závin)
  • Štrudl (Závin)
  • Trdelník (Chimney Cake)
  • Kobliha (Czech Donut)
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