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Top 13 Traditional Czech Desserts to Try on Your Trip

If you haven’t tried Czech desserts yet, you’re in for a delightful surprise. With their rich history and unique flavors, they have a charm of their own that is hard to resist.

From delectable pastries to cute cookies, you can find a treat you like and even make it at home.

Traditional Czech Desserts featured image | Girl Meets Food

Just check out these easy recipes and enjoy exploring Czech food culture!

13 Traditional Czech Desserts

Ready for some Czech recipes? I’m sure you’ll love #4 and #10 as much as I did!

Two plates with jam filled rolls on a marble surface | Girl Meets Food
Jam Filled Rolls
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Czech Jam Filled Rolls are a popular pastry in Czech cuisine. These delectable rolls are stuffed with a selection of fruit preserves.

This recipe uses plum jam but you can also go for cherry or apricot. The smooth, somewhat sweet yeast dough is my favorite part.

The classic toppings for these rolls are powdered sugar and, every now and then, crumbly streusel.

I like eating sweet rolls with coffee or tea; they make a delightful breakfast treat!

Bublanina Cake on the green fabric | Girl Meets Food
Bublanina Cake (Czech Bubble Cake)
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One of the most beloved Czech desserts is bublanina cake, sometimes called Czech bubble cake. In honor of its delicate, airy structure, the cake is called “bublina“, which means “bubble” in Czech.

A basic batter is poured into a baking dish to make this classic cake. Fresh, seasonal fruits, like plums or cherries, are placed on top.

The fruits blend with the dough while the cake bakes, imparting a delightfully balanced sweetness and tanginess to the final product.

Check plum cake on the parchment paper | Girl Meets Food
Czech Plum Cake
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Plum Cake is called švestkový tác in Czech. This cake’s ingredients include a sugary buttery dough, juicy and tangy plums, and an easy streusel for garnish.

Czech Plum Cake is a delicious dessert that goes well with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. It’s best enjoyed in the summer when plums are in season.

Czech Kolaches on the parchment paper | Girl Meets Food
Czech Kolaches
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Authentic Czech kolaches are a must-try for any pastry lover. Traditional fillings for these tasty treats include fruit preserves, cream cheese, or poppy seeds baked into a yeast-based dough.

Just as with the pastries above, you can’t go wrong with the streusel topping.

You can find kolaches in Czech bakeries or make them yourself; I highly recommend trying the sweet cottage cheese ones!

Sliced Poppy Seed Roll on the cutting board | Girl Meets Food
Poppy Seed Roll Czech Makový Závin
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The Czech pastry known as poppy seed roll (makový závin) has a delicious filling and a soft, moist texture.

This traditional dessert often includes raisins in addition to yeast dough, sugar, and ground poppy seeds. Lemon zest can flavor the poppy seed filling, adding a wonderful lemony scent.

The Poppy Seed Roll is usually dusted with powdered sugar and sliced into thick, delicious slices after baking.

You can check out this gluten-free version of the recipe with layers of swirled poppy seed paste.

Czech Linzer Cookies on a holiday plate | Girl Meets Food
Czech Linzer Cookies
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Czech Linzer cookies are delicate and buttery cookies made of crumbly dough filled with your favorite jam. They’re known as linecké koláčky in Czech.

These sweet treats are often cut into small rounds or cute cut-out shapes and coated with powdered sugar. They’re great for holiday parties or afternoon tea.

Vánočka (Houska) on a holiday table | Girl Meets Food
Vánočka (Houska)—Czech Christmas Bread
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Houska, or Vánočka, is a traditional Czech Christmas bread with cultural and culinary significance during the holidays.

This sweet, fragrant bread is braided and decorated with dried fruits and nuts to symbolize holiday unity and new life.

Vánočka is a beloved Czech holiday custom and is often served as a centerpiece on Christmas Eve dinner.

Forest Moss Cake served on the table | Girl Meets Food
Forest Moss Cake (a Naturally Green Spinach Cake Recipe)
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Forest Moss Cake is special because it uses spinach in the batter, making it green. Spinach gives this cake more nutrients and a beautiful appearance.

Enjoy a slice of Forest Moss Cake by following this recipe! The taste and color will certainly impress your guests.

You can also find this cake in coffee shops and bakeries on your next trip to the Czech Republic.

Molasses Cookie stack | Girl Meets Food
Molasses Cookies (Moravian Cookies)
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Moravian or molasses cookies have been cherished for centuries. Using molasses gives these cookies a rich flavor.

Their soft, chewy texture as well as the comforting flavors of ginger, cinnamon, and cloves is a big selling point for cookie lovers.

They’re great for holiday baking so you can add this recipe to your Christmas menu!


Trdelník dessert in someone's hand | Girl Meets Food
The Trdelník I tried in Staré Město (Prague Old Town)

Trdelník, a sweet pastry that has gained immense popularity in the Czech Republic, is a popular street food.

A wooden cylinder is used to roll out the dough, then baked over an open flame or grill to create a spiral-shaped pastry. Many different toppings, such as sugar, cinnamon, chocolate or even ice cream, are put on top.

I tried Trdelník on my trip to Prague and it was absolutely delicious! The pastry was warm, soft and just the right amount of sweet.


Kobliha (Czech jam-filled donuts) on a white surface | Girl Meets Food

A traditional pastry called kobliha, which is similar to donuts, is sold in various bakeries around the nation.

This Czech dessert is a light and airy round pastry stuffed with a variety of delicious ingredients. The most common filling is jam or fruit marmalade but it can also be chocolate or vanilla cream.

Powdered sugar on top gives it an extra hint of sweetness.


Medovník cake on a round tray | Girl Meets Food

Medovník, a honey cake, has thin layers of honey-flavored dough filled with sweetened sour cream or buttercream.

The layers are often stacked high, and the cake rests for a day or two to blend flavors.

Honey cakes are very popular in Eastern Europe and you can also find variations on my list of the best cakes in Ukraine and famous Latvian cakes.


Palačinky on a plate | Girl Meets Food

Palačinky are thin pancakes similar to French crepes. They can be filled with jam, chocolate sauce, fresh fruit, or even cheese and ham for savory versions.

As a dessert, palačinky are suitable for breakfast, snacks, or as a sweet finale to meals.

You can find similar ideas in my collection of Czech snacks which includes the classics like Trdelník, kolaches and more.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try these delicious treats and experience the sweet side of Czech culture!

Need more ideas for your sweet tooth? Check out my favorite Ukrainian cookies and amazing Polish sweets.

Palačinky on a plate | Girl Meets Food

Top 13 Traditional Czech Desserts to Try on Your Trip

From fluffy pastries to cute cookies, explore the best of Czech desserts. Treat yourself to something new and unique!


  • Jam Filled Rolls
  • Bublanina Cake (Czech Bubble Cake
  • Czech Plum Cake
  • Czech Kolaches
  • Poppy Seed Roll Czech Makový Závin
  • Czech Linzer Cookies
  • Vánočka (Houska)
  • Forest Moss Cake (a Naturally Green Spinach Cake)
  • Molasses Cookies (Moravian Cookies)
  • Trdelník
  • Kobliha
  • Medovník
  • Palačinky
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