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9 Best Ukrainian Cake Recipes in One Sweet Collection

From my grandmother’s cozy kitchen to the bustling markets, comes a collection of nine of the best Ukrainian cake recipes.

Whether you’re looking for something sweet and simple or fancier and more complex, these cakes are sure to satisfy your cravings.

For me, each cake is layers of nostalgia which take me back to family gatherings, holidays, and birthday parties.

Ukrainian Cake Recipes featured image | Girl Meets Food

So grab your flour and sugar—it’s time to make a cake!

9 Best Ukrainian Cake Recipes

Craving a cake with honey? Looking for some chocolatey ideas? Here’s something for everyone!

A piece of Honey Cake on a plate | Girl Meets Food
Medivnyk (Honey Cake)
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Medivnyk is a traditional Ukrainian dessert made with layers of spiced, honey-flavored cake that is both delicious and aromatic.

Layers of rich filling, typically created with sour cream, offer a delicious contrast to the honey’s particular sweetness.

Have you ever tried a Ukrainian honey cake recipe? I strongly recommend you add it to your food bucket list!

Poppy Seed Roll (Makivnyk)

Sliced makivnyk on the cutting board | Girl Meets Food

Poppy Seed Roll, or Makivnyk, is a classic Ukrainian rolled cake that is filled with a lovely blend of sweet poppy seeds.

The poppy seeds, sometimes mixed with honey and nuts, give the doughy, soft shell a distinctive texture and flavor.

Kyiv Cake

Two pieces of Kyiv cake on a grey background | Girl Meets Food

A beloved Ukrainian dessert, the Kyiv Cake is known for its decadent buttercream and two light layers of meringue with hazelnuts.

This wonderful cake is sold in many shops and bakeries in Kyiv, and the classic packaging features a horse chestnut leaf—a symbol of the city.

If you ever find yourself in the capital of Ukraine, make sure to try this delicious cake, along with some other Kyiv specials like Chicken Kyiv.

Napoleon Cake

A piece of Napoleon cake is served on a white plate with strawberries mint leaves and a fork. A plate is on a black surface. A Napoleon cake is behind the plate | Girl Meets Food

Despite its French origins, the Ukrainian version of the Napoleon Cake has become a cherished treat.

Layers of delicate, flaky pastry and rich custard make for a rich and filling dessert. It’s a classic at dinner parties and other festive events.

I love desserts that are on a lighter side so it’s my go-to order at local cafes and bakeries.

A piece of syrnyk topped with jam on a plate | Girl Meets Food
Syrnyk (Ukrainian Cheesecake)
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Syrnyk, a cheesecake from Ukraine, is famous for its velvety smoothness and abundance of rich flavors.

It has just the right amount of sweetness and tanginess thanks to its ingredients—farmer’s cheese, eggs, and sugar. It can be enriched with raisins, vanilla, or lemon zest for added flavor.

Lviv Synyk is the most well-known variety. It’s a traditional chocolate glazed cheesecake flavored with citrus, raisins and vanilla.

You can find it on my list of delicious Ukrainian dessert recipes for more info!

Carrot Cake (Morkvianyk)

Carrot Cake (Morkvianyk) on a rectangular plate | Girl Meets Food

Carrot Cake is made mostly with grated carrots, eggs, flour, cinnamon, and sugar.

Layers of texture and complexity are added to this spiced cake by common additions like walnuts or raisins.

Traditional carrot cake toppings, such as cream cheese frosting, are a wonderful way to enjoy this classic Ukrainian dessert.

Piana Vyshnia Cake

Piana Vyshnia (cherry) cake on stand | Girl Meets Food

Piana Vyshnia features delicate sponge cake layers, cream cheese filling and aromatic cherries soaked in strong brandy.

“Piana vyshnia” actually means “drunk cherry” in Ukrainian, hinting at how the cherries are prepared.

There’s also a drink called “Piana vyshnia” in Ukraine. You can check it out in my blog post about the best Ukrainian beverages.

Byte Sklo

A plate of Byte Sklo (shattered glass jelly) on a table | Girl Meets Food

A Ukrainian cake called Byte Sklo is well-known for both its beautiful appearance and its delicious flavor.

The name of this fantastic recipe, which translates to “Shattered Glass” comes from the fact that it consists of colored gelatinous cubes flavored with different fruits that are floating in a white cream jelly.

The jelly chunks resemble shattered glass as you slice into this yummy treat.

Spartak Cake

A piece of Spartak cake on a white plate | Girl Meets Food

Thin layers of chocolate cake, filled with a creamy mixture (typically made with buttercream or sweetened condensed milk), are sandwiched together to form a Spartak Cake.

The finishing touch to this popular dessert is a chocolate glaze drizzled over the cake.

I think Spartak Cake is a wonderful recipe that can even make a great birthday cake for chocolate lovers.

I hope these ideas can help you discover your favourite cake from Ukraine! Share these cakes with friends and enjoy them together!

I’ve only scratched the surface of Ukrainian cuisine here, so if you’re eager to dig deeper, check out these articles:

Carrot Cake (Morkvianyk) on a rectangular plate | Girl Meets Food

9 Best Ukrainian Cake Recipes in One Sweet Collection

Meet timeless traditions and modern twists with irresistible Ukrainian cake recipes like Medivnyk, Kyiv Cake and more!


  • Medivnyk (Honey Cake)
  • Poppy Seed Roll (Makivnyk)
  • Kyiv Cake
  • Napoleon Cake
  • Syrnyk (Ukrainian Cheesecake)
  • Carrot Cake (Morkvianyk)
  • Piana Vyshnia Cake
  • Byte Sklo
  • Spartak Cake
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