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10 Traditional Romanian Drinks: Ursus, Țuică and More

From traditional wines to iconic spirits like țuică, Romanian drinks have a wide range of options.

So we’ll explore some of the most popular drinks you must try when visiting this beautiful country.

Traditional Romanian Drinks featured image | Girl Meets Food

10 Best Romanian Drinks

I’ve included both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are popular in Romania.

Don’t forget to check out some delicious Romanian snacks—perfect for pairing with these drinks!

Traditional Romanian Alcoholic Drinks


A bottle of Țuică with plums on a embroidered tablecloth | Girl Meets Food

Romania is known for its plum production, which is why țuică (plum brandy) is a national drink. It’s distilled from plums and can be left to age in barrels for a period of time.

Țuică is distinguished by its rich fruity flavor and high alcohol level (often 40-55% ABV). It’s traditionally served before meals.

Many households make their own batches using family recipes and methods.


Palincă and prunes | Girl Meets Food

In Romania and other Eastern European nations like Hungary and Serbia, palincă is a popular fruit brandy similar to țuică. It’s distilled from plums, apricots, apples, or pears.


Shot glasses with pears | Girl Meets Food

Horincă is another fruit brandy associated with the region of Transylvania in Romania. Like țuică and palincă, it is fruit-fermented and distilled into a strong spirit.

This drink is usually made from plums by double distillation and has 52%–62% alcohol content.

The name comes from my native Ukrainian language, where horílka means vodka distilled from grain. You can check out my guide to Ukrainian alcohol for more info.


Three jars of Vișinată (cherry liqueur) on the table | Girl Meets Food

Vișinată, a delicious sour cherry liqueur, is popular in Romania during cherry season. Rich sour cherries are macerated in alcohol and sugar to create a sweet-tangy taste.

It’s a very aromatic drink that can be either red or pink in color. Even though it’s on the strong side, I liked this drink’s flavor.

If you also like sour cherries, you might also want to check out these beautiful Romanian cakes including sour cherry cake.


Blueberry-based afină is a another distinctive Romanian liqueur. The infusion is made by steeping fresh or frozen blueberries in vodka or similar neutral spirit and sugar.

It has a ruby color and a sweet yet tart flavor.


Vinars pouring in glass | Girl Meets Food

Romanian vinars is grape brandy made from fermented fruit juice or grape pomace. It resembles traditional brandies but is grape-based.

The name is composed of the words vin + ars = “burnt wine”, referring to the distillation process.

Vin Românesc (Romanian Wine)

Red wine pouring in glass | Girl Meets Food

Romanian wine has a long and diversified history dating back to the Dacian and Roman civilizations. 

Fetească Neagră, Fetească Albă, Fetească Regală, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Noir are among the most popular grape varieties.

I strongly recommend exploring Romania’s wineries and trying amazing varietal wines. For example, the Cotnari vineyard is known for its sweet white wines.

Bere Românească (Romanian Beer)

A mug of beer on the wooden surface | Girl Meets Food

Romanian beer includes a wide range of brews. Romanians are great beer drinkers, and local breweries produce a variety of traditional lagers, pilsners, and craft beers.

The most popular beer brands are Ursus, Timișoreana, Stejar and Silva.

Traditional Romanian Non-Alcoholic Drinks


Traditional Romanian soft drink Socata in a bottle and glasses | Girl Meets Food

Socată is a Romanian elder flower drink. Elderflower clusters, lemon slices, sugar, and sometimes citric acid or vinegar are steeped in water to make this refreshing drink.

Fermenting the combination for a few days produces a bubbly, flowery, and delicious drink.


Borș, a fermented wheat bran or maize-based liquid. It works as a souring agent and taste enhancer for sauces and soups, including ciorbă (sour soup).

It can actually be bottled and drunk on its own as a hangover cure or a digestive drink.

Looking for more traditional drinks? Check out these classic Czech drinks and the most popular Bulgarian beverages.

Three jars of Vișinată (cherry liqueur) on the table | Girl Meets Food

10 Traditional Romanian Drinks: Ursus, Țuică and More

Curious about traditional Romanian drinks? Get to know all the must-try beverages for your next trip or Romanian party!


Traditional Romanian Alcoholic Drinks

  • Țuică
  • Palincă
  • Horincă
  • Vișinată
  • Afinată
  • Vinars
  • Vin Românesc (Romanian Wine)
  • Bere Românească (Romanian Beer)

Traditional Romanian Non-Alcoholic Drinks

  • Socată
  • Borș
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