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8 Best Lithuanian Desserts: From Tinginys To Kūčiukai

Best Lithuanian Desserts featured image | Girl Meets Food

Hey, want to try some delicious Lithuanian desserts that are totally unique? I found some ideas for you!

Lithuania, a country by the Baltic Sea, has a fantastic dessert tradition, just like its other cultural offerings.

With special ingredients and recipes passed down through generations, these treats truly showcase the Lithuanian flair.

8 Best Lithuanian Desserts

You’ve got to try these!

Sliced Tinginys (Lithuanian Lazy Cookies) on the cutting board | Girl Meets Food
Tinginys (Lithuanian Lazy Cookies)
Check out this recipe

Chocolate and biscuits come together in Tinginys, a no-bake treat that also goes by “lazy cake” or “lazy cookies”.

The ingredients for this easy-to-make snack include broken biscuits, chocolate powder, butter, sweetened condensed milk, and occasionally almonds or dried fruits.

Rolling the mixture into a log and letting it chill until solid is the next step.

Tinginys is an ideal dessert option for those who would rather not spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Šakotis (Tree Cake)

Baking sakotis (tree cake) on a fire | Girl Meets Food

Many Lithuanians consider Šakotis, or the “Tree Cake,” to be among their most beloved sweets.

The distinctive tree shape of the cake, created by piling batter onto a revolving spit, is the inspiration for its unusual name.

Delicate, crunchy strands that look like tree branches are created as each layer cooks.


A bowl of Kūčiukai cookies on a festive table | Girl Meets Food

Small, crunchy pastries called kūčiukai are usually enjoyed during Christmastime. They’re baked from a dough that includes poppy seeds, flour, and yeast.

Sweetened milk, dried fruits, or honey are common accompaniments to these sweet treats. They can also be served soaked in poppy seed milk, a traditional Lithuanian drink.

Symbolically, kūčiukai represent the promise of a bountiful and prosperous year to come.

Žagarėliai (Angel Wings)

A plate of Žagarėliai (Angel Wings) on a table | Girl Meets Food

Žagarėlis—”twigs”, or “sticks”—are a beloved Lithuanian sweet crafted from pastry dough. They’re shaped like angel wings, deep-fried in oil or lard and then dipped in powdered sugar.

Polish faworki, which I discussed in my blog post about Polish sweets, is just one example of how popular this treat is in many other countries.

And let’s not forget Ukrainian verhuny! I list them among my top Ukrainian cookies.


Two slices of Šimtalapis with mint leaves on a plate | Girl Meets Food

Šimtalapis, meaning “a hundred leaves,” is a traditional pastry, often prepared as a celebration cake.

It’s as rich as it sounds— five puff pastry dough sheets are generously covered with butter and cinnamon sugar, and the last one is finished with a thick layer of poppy seeds and some raisins.

The sheets are stacked and rolled into a horseshoe shape. After baking, it’s sprinkled with powdered sugar and served in slices.

Skruzdėlynas (Anthill Cake)

Scruzdėlynas, or “anthill” in English, is a crunchy, sweet delicacy that resembles anthills produced by tiny ants. This dish is a Lithuanian hidden gem, despite its odd name.

It’s traditionally made with deep-fried pieces of thin dough covered in honey and sprinkled with poppy seeds. Honey naturally sweetens and binds the layers, while dough strips provide a crispy base.

This anthill cake dessert sounds excellent to me, and it looks cool too!

Medaus Tortas (Honey Cake)

A piece of Medaus Tortas (honey cake) on a plate. Behind it is a bowl of honey, a cup of tea and a cake | Girl Meets Food

Medaus Tortas is another honey bomb in Lithuanian desserts. “Medaus,” means “honey” in Lithuanian, thus the name.

Layers of honey-infused sponge cake and a rich, velvety cream provide irresistible sweetness. The cream commonly consists of sour cream, sugar and lemon juice.

You can find Lithuanian cake recipes with more than 14 layers. Can you imagine how delicious that would be?

As I mentioned in my piece on popular Romanian cakes, I love all types of honey cakes!

I also highly recommend trying the Ukrainian version. Check out my list of the best cakes in Ukraine to see the recipe.

Varškės Spurgos

Varskes Spurgos (cottage cheese donuts) with sugar powder on a black surface | Girl Meets Food

Varškės spurgos are also known as Lithuanian cottage cheese donuts. The key ingredient is varškė, which is a type of Lithuanian cottage cheese—creamy and high in protein.

Once deep-fried, these donuts get a crispy crust and a soft, fluffy interior. I can’t wait to try them with my breakfast cup of coffee.

Oh, and don’t forget to sprinkle them with powdered sugar!

I hope you liked these delicious desserts and will try them out for yourself.

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Sliced Tinginys (Lithuanian Lazy Cookies) on the cutting board | Girl Meets Food

8 Best Lithuanian Desserts: From Tinginys To Kūčiukai

From honey cakes to poppy seed treats, here are the best Lithuanian desserts to try. So good, you don’t wanna miss out!


  • Tinginys (Lithuanian Lazy Cookies)
  • Šakotis (Tree Cake)
  • Kūčiukai
  • Žagarėliai (Angel Wings)
  • Šimtalapis
  • Skruzdėlynas (Anthill Cake)
  • Medaus Tortas (Honey Cake)
  • Varškės Spurgos
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