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5 Must-Try Czech Cookies for Any Occasion

Have a sweet craving for traditional treats? Czech cookies may be your ideal option!

Some of them are very famous sweets worldwide, so don’t underestimate the deliciousness of Czech desserts.

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Without more delay, let’s explore the best Czech cookies and actual recipes you can follow at home!

Most Popular Czech Cookies

Wait, while we’re talking about sweet cravings, why not also try some delectable Czech pastries?

Now, back to cookies!

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Moravian Molasses Cookies
Check out this recipe

These Moravian cookies have a rich, spicy flavor derived from dark molasses along with cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. 

These cookies are traditionally paper thin and crisp—just the way I like them.

Moravian Molasses Cookies are a beloved holiday treat so you can find them shaped into stars, cookie men, Christmas trees etc.

Czech Linzer Cookies on a holiday plate | Girl Meets Food
Czech Linzer Cookies
Check out this recipe

Czech Linzer Cookies are a delicious twist on the classic Linzer cookies. They’re known as linecké koláčky or linecké cukroví in Czech.

Two buttery, delicate vanilla-flavored biscuits are sandwiched with your favorite fruit jam. The delicate lattice design on the top biscuit adds a beautiful touch.

These jammed cookies are also popular during Christmas or just as a sweet treat any time of year.

What is a better way to snack than on some traditional cookies? Well, you can try some other unique Czech snacks while you’re at it!

Vanilkové Rohlíčky (Vanilla Crescents)

Kiflyky (crescent cookies) with icing sugar | Girl Meets Food

Vanilla crescents, or vanilkové rohlíčky, are traditionally Czech cookies with a rich buttery flavor.

Flour, ground nuts (usually almonds or walnuts), and butter make these cookies melt in your mouth.

After baking, the warm cookies are rolled in powdered sugar mixed with vanilla sugar or vanilla bean.

Vosí Hnízda (Wasp Nests)

Vosi Hnizda (Wasp Nests) cookies on the festive plate | Girl Meets Food

Vosí hnízda, or wasp nests can also be called včelí úly, or beehive cookies. They’re a wonderful Czech dessert that resembles beehives.

Soft, buttery dough is fashioned into nests with a beehive cookie mold and filled with rum custard. The cookie dough is traditionally raw consisting of ground tea biscuits, cocoa powder, nuts, butter and sugar.

These cookies are commonly sprinkled with caster or powdered sugar. They can also be coated with melted chocolate.

Pracny Cookies

Medvedie Labky (Bear Paws) cookies on a plate | Girl Meets Food

These cookies are also known as medvědí tlapy (bear paws). They use special pracny molds shaped like the paw of a bear.

You can make them into any other shape or design like rolls, crescents, stars etc.

Just try the original recipe flavored with ground walnuts, cocoa powder, cinnamon and cloves. I think it’s amazing!

I love having a cookie with tea or coffee after breakfast. Whether you’re a breakfast person or not, check out these tasty morning recipes from Czechia. They’re great!

Looking for a drink to pair with your cookies? Try some traditional Czech beverages!

Vosi Hnizda (Wasp Nests) cookies on the festive plate | Girl Meets Food

5 Must-Try Czech Cookies for Any Occasion

Discover the best Czech cookies—easy to make and impossible to resist. Great for holidays, parties, and cozy tea time!


  • Moravian Molasses Cookies
  • Czech Linzer Cookies
  • Vanilkové Rohlíčky (Vanilla Crescents)
  • Vosí Hnízda (Wasp Nests)
  • Pracny Cookies
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