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5 Delightful Czech Cakes: Easy Recipes and Hidden Gems

Your sweet tooth can have something new to obsess over—delicious Czech cakes. If you like fruity tastes and creamy textures, you’ll find these cakes exciting.

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Let’s take a closer look at some fun Czech recipes and treat ourselves to a slice of classic Czech cake.

Most Popular Czech Cakes

A piece of Blueberry Almond Cake on the plate | Girl Meets Food
Blueberry Almond Cake (Czech Bublanina)
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We’re starting with what is known as Czech Bublanina cake or bubble cake since the batter is so airy and soft that it contains bubbles.

This recipe uses blueberries, almonds and vanilla but can be made with other seasonal fruits.

The light sponge cake is simple to make with basic ingredients—plain flour, sugar, eggs, milk and butter. 

I like this traditional dessert with a cup of coffee. Fruity and not too sweet, it’s perfect!

Check plum cake on the parchment paper | Girl Meets Food
Švestkový Tác (Czech Plum Cake)
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Coming up next is the Švestkový Tác, a traditional Czech plum cake. It’s perfect for the fall season!

This buttery cake has sliced plums on top. As they bake, plum juices create a moist and flavorful cake.

I also recommend not to skip the streusel topping. It’s very simple—sugar, flour and melted butter. It adds a nice crunch and sweetness.

Forest Moss Cake served on the table | Girl Meets Food
Forest Moss Cake (a Naturally Green Spinach Cake Recipe)
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Forest Moss Cake is green because spinach is in the batter. Your guests will be amazed by the color and flavor.

Not only does spinach make this cake look gorgeous, but it also adds extra nutrition.

While visiting the Czech Republic, you can also get this cake in local bakeries and coffee shops.

Kolach Cake (Pražský Koláč)

Kolaches on a parchment paper | Girl Meets Food

You might have heard of koláč or kolache, one of the most famous Czech desserts. Although it’s mostly made into small pastries, it can also be shaped into a larger cake.

Sweet pastry dough can be filled with fruit jams, poppy seeds, sweet cheese, or prune jam (povidla).

Pražský koláč is a different thing though. It has two round cakes layered with sweet cream made of milk, powdered sugar, starch, butter, vanilla and whipping cream.

This cake makes a wonderful sweet treat to enjoy with tea or coffee.

If you want to enjoy kolache as pastries, head to my compilation of the best Czech pastries for a recipe.

Medovnik (Honey Cake)

Medovník cake on a round tray | Girl Meets Food

Medovnik is a popular Czech dessert where thin, spiced sponge cake layers are topped with creamy frosting.

The frosting is prepared with honey, butter, and sometimes sour cream or condensed milk.

I never miss a chance to talk about honey cakes as they’re very popular across Eastern Europe. If you want to learn more about them, check out the top 3 Bulgarian cakes and these wonderful Romanian cakes.

Need to wash down these Czech delicacies? Check out the traditional Czech drinks to pair with your cakes!

A piece of Blueberry Almond Cake on the plate | Girl Meets Food

5 Delightful Czech Cakes: Easy Recipes and Hidden Gems

Ready to bake some Czech cakes? Get easy recipes and more tasty ideas to explore for the ultimate dessert experience!


  • Blueberry Almond Cake (Czech Bublanina)
  • Švestkový Tác (Czech Plum Cake)
  • Forest Moss Cake (a Naturally Green Spinach Cake Recipe)
  • Kolach Cake (Pražský Koláč)
  • Medovnik (Honey Cake)
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