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What To Serve With Manchego Cheese: 25 Best Pairings

What to serve with Manchego cheese? I’ve got some delicious combinations to enhance your Manchego cheese experience, including crackers, fruit, nuts, jams and other cheeses.

This Spanish sheep’s milk cheese is firm and crumbly, with a flavor that is reminiscent of nuts. It works wonderfully as a standalone snack, but it really shines when combined with other flavors.

Let’s see what to serve with Manchego for the most delicious pairing!

What To Serve With Manchego Cheese featured image | Girl Meets Food

What to serve with manchego cheese on a cheese platter?

Let me talk you through some of the most iconic accompaniments for Manchego. They’re also my favorite combinations to build a delicious Spanish cheese platter.

  • Spanish olives

Spanish olives’ salty and saline qualities pair well with Manchego cheese’s nutty and acidic flavors. A bowl of olives can make an amazing addition to your cheese platter because they balance the cheese’s richness.

  • Grapes

When it comes to cheese pairing, grapes are a classic choice that never disappoints. In fact, they make a perfect match with the delicious Manchego cheese. Pairing the nutty and caramel-like flavors of Manchego with the sweetness and acidity of grapes can create a delightful taste experience.

  • Sun-dried tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes provide a unique combination of sweet and tangy flavors that work exceptionally well with Manchego cheese. You can also enjoy them together on crackers, making a great appetizer or snack.

  • Almonds or walnuts

Nuts are a fantastic addition to Manchego cheese, and both almonds and walnuts work wonders. Incorporating them into your cheese dish can provide a delightful crunch and enhance the already nutty and savory flavor of the cheese.

  • Honey

Manchego cheese pairs perfectly with honey as a condiment. The combination of honey and cheese is a match made in heaven. The sweetness of the honey perfectly balances out the saltiness of the cheese, while also bringing out its nutty and caramel-like flavors.

There’s plenty of variety in these accompaniments, too – you can choose from different varieties of olives, grapes, and nuts to create the perfect mix.

You can also opt for some replacements if you don’t have any of the mentioned foods. I have a great selection of olive substitutes to get you started and a long list of foods that go well after charcuterie!

What crackers go with manchego cheese?

Manchego cheese slices with crackers on a plate | Girl Meets Food

Selecting the correct crackers can boost Manchego cheese’s taste and add a crunchy texture. Some Manchego-friendly types of crackers are:

  • Water crackers

Manchego cheese goes well with water crackers. Their light and crisp structure lets Manchego cheese tastes emerge without dominating them. Water crackers can be purchased in most grocery stores and combine well with Manchego cheese.

  • Multigrain crackers

These crackers have more taste and texture. They commonly contain grains, nuts, and spices, which can enhance the match. Manchego cheese with multigrain crackers is an excellent choice for appetizers.

  • Olive oil crackers

Olive oil crackers are also wonderful. These Spanish crackers have a rich, fruity flavor that complements Manchego cheese’s creamy, nutty taste. Their subtle saltiness is perfect for the cheese’s richness.

  • Rosemary crackers

Add scent and herbs to your Manchego cheese paring with rosemary crackers. Rosemary’s earthy and pine-like tastes enhance Manchego cheese’s nutty flavor. Homemade rosemary crackers taste the finest.

  • Artisanal crackers

Artisanal crackers are great for gourmet foodies. To boost your paring, use crackers with high-quality ingredients and unusual flavors like truffle, sea salt, or black pepper.

Manchego cheese’s richness and nuttiness require crackers with the correct tastes and textures. Water, multigrain, olive oil, rosemary, and artisanal crackers are great choices.

Toasted baguette slices, flatbreads, crusty bread or any other type of crackers will also do the trick. Try different cracker combinations to discover your favorite and enjoy Manchego cheese!

What fruit goes with manchego cheese?

Manchego cheese slices with grapes on wooden surface | Girl Meets Food

Manchego cheese’s creamy, nutty taste pairs well with fruits that provide sweetness, acidity, or juiciness. These are some Manchego-friendly fruits:

  • Fresh figs

Sweet, juicy, and slightly acidic, fresh figs mix well with Manchego cheese. Their inherent sweet flavor and delicate texture are a wonderful addition to cheese recipes.

If you can’t find fresh figs, dried figs are also a great option, as well as these other replacements for fresh figs.

  • Sliced apples

Crisp, somewhat sour apples help balance Manchego cheese’s richness. Choose Honeycrisp, Gala, or Granny Smith apples to complement Manchego’s creaminess with some crunch.

  • Grapes

Sweet, juicy grapes go well with various kinds of cheese, including Manchego. Its inherent sweetness and juiciness accentuate Manchego cheese’s nutty flavor. Red, green, or black grapes, or a variety of hues, make a tasty combo that would look great on a cheese board.

  • Citrus fruits

Oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits bring zest and brightness to Manchego cheese. They cut through the cheese’s creaminess and freshen it. For example, you can serve lemon slices with Manchego cheese for a flavorful and colorful dish.

  • Pomegranate seeds

Tangy and vibrant, pomegranate seeds add taste and texture to Manchego cheese. The juicy and tangy seeds lend color and freshness and also look pretty on Manchego cheese slices.

You can also pair your chunks of cheese with these alternatives to pomegranates. They include cranberries, cherries, red currants and more!

It’s best to balance tastes and textures to produce a great Manchego cheese and fruit match. It tastes well with fresh figs, apples, grapes, citrus fruits, and pomegranate seeds. Choose your favorite seasonal fruits for a delicious, healthy, and colorful cheese board.

What jam goes with manchego cheese?

Several crackers topped with Manchego cheese slices and jam | Girl Meets Food

Manchego cheese’s creamy and nutty qualities blend well with fruit jams’ sweet and occasionally acidic flavors. Some Manchego-friendly jams are:

  • Quince jam

Manchego cheese’s nutty taste pairs well with quince jam’s sweetness and tanginess. Put a thin layer of quince jam on crackers or toast and top with slices of Manchego cheese for a tasty snack.

  • Fig jam

Manchego cheese goes well with fig jam. Figs’ sweetness and little tanginess complement aged cheese. For a decadent treat, spread fig jam over a cracker or toast and top with Manchego cheese.

  • Cherry jam

Add a tart edge to Manchego cheese with cherry jam. For optimal results, use high-quality cherry jam with fruit pieces.

  • Jalapeno jam

For a more daring match, jalapeño jam can give Manchego cheese a spicy and sweet bite. Jalapenos’ spiciness and jam’s sweetness make a powerful and surprising taste combination.

For a distinctive flavor, spread a thin layer of jalapeño jam over a cracker or toast and top it with Manchego cheese.

Jams add sweetness, tanginess, or spiciness to Manchego cheese, making a delightful combo. Quince and fig jams mix nicely with Manchego cheese, while cherry and jalapeño jams provide novel tastes.

What cheese goes well with manchego?

Four Manchego cheese slices on grey surface | Girl Meets Food

Being a cheese fan, I know that mixing cheeses can improve their tastes and produce a delicious meal. Manchego, a Spanish cheese with rich, nutty, and slightly acidic characteristics, pairs well with various other cheeses:

  • Iberico cheese

Manchego and Iberico are famous combinations for a Spanish cheese plate. Made from Iberian pig milk, Iberico cheese’s rich, savory flavor works nicely with Manchego’s nuttiness.

  • Mahon cheese

Mahon, another Spanish cheese, goes nicely with Manchego. Its creamy, acidic, and somewhat salty tanginess balances Manchego’s nutty taste.

  • Parmesan cheese

Often known as Parmigiano-Reggiano, this hard Italian cheese has a strong, salty flavor. Parmesan adds umami to Manchego’s nuttiness when grated or sliced over it.

  • Pecorino cheese

Another hard Italian cheese, created from sheep’s milk, pairs nicely with Manchego. Pecorino tastes tart and somewhat salty and has a crumbly texture. Its unique flavors complement Manchego’s creaminess.

  • Roquefort cheese

Manchego and blue cheeses make a daring combo. The creamy, tart French blue cheese Roquefort contains blue veins. Roquefort’s sharper flavors contrast with Manchego’s nuttiness, producing a remarkable taste experience.

If you need a wider variety of flavors, you can easily find a replacement for blue cheese.

  • Smoked Gouda

For a smoky Manchego cheese match, try smoked cheeses. Smoked Gouda, a semi-hard Dutch cheese, tastes smoky and creamy. Smoked Gouda adds depth and richness to Manchego’s nutty tastes.

Manchego cheese tastes great with many different types of cheese. From Spanish Iberico and Mahon to hard Italian Parmesan and Pecorino to blue and smoked cheeses. Try all these novel taste combinations with Manchego on your next cheese platter!

Manchego cheese FAQs

Four Manchego cheese slices on grey surface. There are olives and bread pieces around it | Girl Meets Food
Is Manchego cheese good for a charcuterie board?

Yes, Manchego cheese is a great addition to any charcuterie board. Its nutty flavor and creamy texture make it the perfect accompaniment for a variety of meats, cheeses, and other foods.

Do you eat the wax on Manchego cheese?

No, the wax that covers Manchego cheese is not edible. The cheese’s outer layer protects it and helps it age properly. For the best taste experience, remove the wax before serving.

Why is Manchego cheese so expensive?

Manchego cheese is one of the most expensive cheeses in the world. The production process is time-consuming and requires careful monitoring to ensure quality and taste. Additionally, the cheese must be aged for a minimum of 60 days for optimal flavor.

Can you eat Manchego on its own?

Manchego cheese can be enjoyed on its own, but it is even more delicious when paired with the right accompaniments.

What does Manchego cheese taste similar to?

Manchego’s taste is reminiscent of parmesan, with a hint of sweetness.

Does Manchego melt nicely?

Manchego cheese melts beautifully, making it a great addition to many dishes.

Why is it called Manchego?

Manchego cheese is named after the La Mancha region of Spain where it’s made.

What meat pairs with manchego cheese?

Jamón Ibérico, Spanish chorizo, prosciutto, and grilled or roasted meats pair well with Manchego cheese.

What wine pairs with manchego cheese?

Manchego pairs well with white wines such as Rueda, Albariño, Verdejo, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. It also pairs nicely with red wines such as Rioja and Priorat.

Can I pair Manchego cheese with beer?

Yes, Manchego cheese goes well with beer. Examples of malty beers include brown ales, Scotch ales, and porters.

BOTTOM LINE: Now you know what to serve with Manchego cheese. You can’t go wrong with these fruits, nuts, savory snacks, crackers, or jams. Enjoy the nutty, salty, and creamy flavors of Manchego cheese with the right complements to dazzle your visitors.

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