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Top 5 Hearty and Crunchy Substitutes for Corn Flakes

Corn flakes is an amazing breakfast cereal and one of the quickest things to have when you’re starting off your day but rice krispies, wheat flakes and oatmeal would work as substitutes just as well.

Nothing makes a good morning like a simple breakfast and nothing spells a simple breakfast like a nice bowl of cereal!

As someone who loves every spoon of a nice hearty cereal in the morning, I know how incredibly important it is to have options.

I like to have a box of some good ol’ cornflakes handy (they’re one of my absolute favorites) but when I happen to run out of some or just feel like switching up my quick breakfasts a bit by trying something different every now and then, there are other alternatives that do just fine.

Below are some of the best ones you too can try!

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Best substitutes for corn flakes

  • Rice krispies: a classic alternative to corn flakes

One of the most popular substitutes for cornflakes out there has definitely got to be rice crispies. As the name implies, rice krispies is made from rice and is one of the most popular breakfast cereals.

Besides being a light breakfast cereal, there are many reasons why people opt for rice krispies as a pre-workout snack, making it a super versatile treat among many demographics.

I love how they’re super light and have a crunchy texture, just like cornflakes and the mild but somewhat neutral flavor they have that makes them pair well with all kinds of milk and even fruits like berries!

Have them as a simple cereal or even incorporate them into all kinds of treats in your sweet recipes.

  • Wheat flakes: a healthy option for breakfast

Looking for a healthier alternative to corn flakes? Wheat flakes are a great option for you.

They’re made from a process that’s quite similar to that of corn flakes and are also prepared in pretty much the same way.

Since it’s made from wheat, this cereal is packed with all kinds of health benefits that come with consuming wheat and even much more, making it just as nutritious as it is delicious.

I love how hearty wheat flakes are so I always have them on mornings I’m looking to have something quick but filling and a nice bowl always does the trick.

  • Oatmeal: a hot and satisfying breakfast option

If you woke up one cold morning and decided to skip the tea or coffee, I’d say having a warm bowl of oatmeal is an amazing way to go.

This classic breakfast food is made from oats and can be prepared in a variety of ways plus, oats are naturally gluten free making oatmeal a solid choice for people intolerant to the protein.

Oatmeal is my favourite go to when I’m baking a nice batch of digestive biscuits and for all other kinds of treats.

I also love how it pairs well with a lot of things, so I can use them to make not just a sweet but even a savory dish and asides from it’s versatility, oatmeal is an amazing source of fiber and protein. So, whenever I have a nice hearty bowl, I’m sure it’s going to keep me going for much longer than even cornflakes would!

  • Granola: a crunchy and versatile cereal alternative

Eaten on it’s own or used as a crunchy topping, granola is an amazing and versatile substitute for corn flakes as a breakfast cereal. It’s made from rolled oats, all kinds of nuts and dried fruits which means it’s not just incredibly nutritious, being a source of fibre and healthy fats, but it’s also tasty and oh so filling.

I love having granola with yogurt because I find it more filling that way but you can try it with different kinds of milk in sweet recipes or even as a topping for oatmeal listed above or smoothie bowls. 

  • Muesli: a Swiss alternative to corn flakes

Swiss up your breakfast routine by having a nice and lovely bowl of some muesli every now and then. 

This breakfast cereal originating from Switzerland is made from a mixture of all kinds of healthy ingredients like some milk, rolled oats, different types of nuts and seeds as well as dried fruit.

It’s a great substitute for corn flakes and is actually quite similar to granola and oatmeal but the ingredients aren’t baked which makes this a healthier alternative to the two aforementioned kinds of cereal.

I prefer having it with plant-based milk (like almond milk) but you can have it with just about any kind or even some yogurt for a delicious and filling breakfast.

FAQs for substitute for corn flakes

A bowl of corn flakes with milk is on a checkered tablecloth. There is a tablespoon, a glass of orange juice, a plate with toasts and some orange wedges around the bowl | Girl Meets Food
Is oats better than cornflakes?

Nutritionally, oats are much better in comparison to cornflakes. They contain more than thrice the amount of protein does in a given sample and when it comes to other nutrients like fibre, the same can be said as well.

Is corn flakes and oats the same?

Corn flakes and oats are not the same kind of breakfast cereal. Corn flakes are a kind of corn chips, made by toasting shredded corn while oats are type of cereal grain that can be made into the popular breakfast cereal, oatmeal.

What can I substitute instead of corn flakes?

Wheat flakes, bran flakes, oatmeal, rice krispies and muesli; either one of these breakfast cereals would make a great substitute for corn flakes.

What can I use instead of corn flakes in funeral potatoes?

Funeral potatoes are a kind of casserole popular in America usually made with a variety of ingredients, one of which includes corn flakes. If you want to make this dish and don’t have any corn flakes, you can use some potato chips, crushed-up Ritz crackers or even breadcrumbs instead.

BOTTOM LINE: Corn flakes might be a classic breakfast cereal but there are many other alternatives to choose from if you have a need for one. Whenever I’m looking to have something just as light as corn flakes, I often have a bowl of rice krispies of granola and if I want a hearty breakfast that’ll help me stay fuller for longer, some oatmeal, muesli or even wheat flakes usually do the trick.

Each and every one of these breakfast cereals are tasty and wonderful so just pick one and have a lovely breakfast!

Loved these substitutes? Well, there’s much more of where they came from!

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So whenever you’re in need of a substitute, hop on down to my site and see what I’ve got for you!