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Delicious White Cheddar Substitutes You Need to Try

Do you like white cheddar but need a substitution for a dish or want to try something new? Done! Several white cheddar replacements taste and feel similar.

Sharp cheddar, Gouda, parmesan and vegan equivalents are available for every taste and diet. So I’ll discuss the greatest white cheddar alternatives and how to choose one for your recipe.

Read on for some tasty white cheddar substitutions whenever you’re seeking a different cheese!

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What is white cheddar?

White cheddar is aged cow’s milk cheese. It has a strong acidic taste and crumbly texture.

It’s called “white cheddar” since it’s not coloured with annatto. White cheddar’s smooth texture becomes more crumbly with age and has moderate to powerful flavors.

White cheddar is fantastic for mac & cheese, grilled cheese, and cheesy dip. Cheese aficionados enjoy this type of cheese for its robust flavor and flexibility in cooking.

White cheddar vs yellow cheddar

Let’s distinguish white cheddar cheese from yellow cheddar before considering other options.

Yellow cheddar is also manufactured from cow’s milk, but its orange color comes from the use of annatto.

Flavor-wise and health-wise, there aren’t any differences between white cheddar and yellow, or orange cheddar!

Best white cheddar substitutes

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Now that we have a better understanding of white cheddar and yellow cheddar, let’s explore some alternatives to white cheddar.

  • Sharp Cheddar

Sharp cheddar’s acidic taste and crumbly consistency make it a good white cheddar replacement. Cow’s milk gives it a strong, aged flavour that enhances many recipes.

Sharp cheddar’s melting qualities make it a fantastic addition to recipes like nachos, casseroles, and macaroni & cheese.

Want to know more about sharp cheddar? I’ve written about this type of cheese in my article on cheddar cheese substitutes.

There’s no taste difference between white and yellow cheddar, so any of these options will work just well with white cheese.

  • Monterey Jack cheese

Monterey Jack is semi-soft and creamy cheese created from cow’s milk. Quesadillas, sandwiches, and burgers use Monterey Jack for its great melting properties.

I like a plant-based Monterey Jack made from chickpeas and outs –  it’s a great addition to a vegan cheese platter with grapes and olives.

  • Gouda cheese

Gouda, semi-hard Dutch cheese, has slightly sweet and nutty flavors. It’s milder than white cheddar but also great for sandwiches, burgers, and mac & cheese.

If you’re tired of the same old grilled cheese, try switching things up by using Gouda instead of white cheddar.

I’ve tried this idea before and it added a delicious twist to this classic dish!

  • Parmesan

Hard, granular parmesan cheese has a strong, salty flavour. It’s manufactured from cow’s milk and can replace white cheddar in salty, sharp meals. Parmesan cheese is grated over salads, soups, and roasted vegetables and used to top spaghetti and lasagna.

Parmesan cheese is one of my favorite substitutes for white cheddar when making macaroni and cheese. This traditional comfort dish is elevated by the strong and nutty flavor of Parmesan.

  • Vegan Cheddar

Vegan white cheddar alternatives exist. Daiya and Violife make plant-based vegan white cheddar shreds without dairy, lactose, or gluten. These alternatives can be used in any white cheddar dish and are perfect for anyone with dietary restrictions.

Being a vegan, one of my favorite substitutions for white cheddar is vegan cheddar. It’s a more sustainable and ethical option, plus it tastes cheesy!

It’s also possible to make your vegan cheese like cheddar at home. Cashew cheese is something I’ve tried making, and it turned out fantastic!

  • Colby cheese

Semi-hard Colby cheese has a moderate taste and smooth texture. In mild-flavored, smooth-textured dishes, it can work as a cheddar cheese substitute.

How do you feel about Colby cheese? Try any of these other delicious cheeses as an alternative to Colby!

  • Provolone cheese

This semi-hard cheese is sharp and acidic. It’s manufactured from cow’s milk and can replace white cheddar in sandwiches, pizzas, and quesadillas.

  • Asiago Cheese

Asiago cheese is firm, nutty, and strong-flavored. It can replace white cheddar in bold-flavored meals or to top salads, soups, and pasta.

Because I am a fan of strong, savory flavors, I substituted Asiago cheese for the white cheddar that I normally use while cooking pasta. Asiago’s nutty, sharp taste was a perfect complement to the vegetarian baked ziti.

  • White American Cheese

This processed cheese has a light and creamy texture. It’s a mild alternative to white cheddar created from milk, cheese culture, and other components.

While it may not be the healthiest option, white American cheese is a good substitute for white cheddar in certain dishes. It’s perfect for adding creaminess to mac & cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches.

I’ve also written about the best substitute for white American cheese, so you can find even more tasty options!

  • Feta

Feta cheese has a salty, sour taste and crumbly texture. It’s a great substitute for cheddar in salads and sandwiches.

Feta’s salty, tangy flavor complements crisp greens, juicy tomatoes, and crunchy cucumbers for a satisfying and nutritious salad. I love using it to give my dishes a Mediterranean flair.

  • Swiss cheese

Semi-hard Swiss cheese has a moderate, nutty taste. It’s a suitable alternative for white cheddar in dishes like sandwiches, burgers, and quiches.

The Swiss cheese in my breakfast quiche was a nice contrast from the usual white cheddar. The meal was given a new spin with the addition of the nutty undertones, which went well with baby spinach and chives. 

So try different things – you could find a new favorite cheese!

How to choose a vegetarian cheese?

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Many kinds of cheese use rennet, a coagulating enzyme obtained from the stomachs of calves, making it unsuitable for vegetarians.

You can make a well-informed decision by following some guidelines:

  • Check the label while you’re grocery shopping! Cheeses manufactured with microbial or vegetable rennet are suitable options for vegetarians.
  • Select cheese that has been specifically labelled as vegetarian or vegan.
  • Look for additional substances that come from animals, such as casein or whey, and avoid those.
  • Experiment with several brands: Vegetarian cheeses vary greatly in quality. Choose a cheese that suits your taste and dietary needs by trying out a variety of brands.
  • Think about the nutritional value of your options; certain vegetarian cheeses may have unacceptably high levels of fat or salt, so read the labels carefully.

White cheddar cheese substitute FAQs

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How many calories are in white cheddar cheese?

The number of calories depends on the specific brand of cheese. A 100g serving of Primo Taglio white cheddar contains 393 calories (110 calories per ounce).

Are there any vegan white cheddar alternatives?

Yes! Vegan white cheddar alternatives are available from brands such as Daiya and Violife. These plant-based options are dairy-free, lactose-free, and gluten-free.

How to choose the best substitute for white cheddar?

To choose the best substitute for white cheddar, you should consider the flavor and texture.

White American cheese and Colby cheese, for instance, are suitable choices if you want cheeses with a milder flavor.

Asiago and Parmesan cheese are preferable if you’re after a stronger flavor.

Can I replace white cheddar with mozzarella cheese?

In certain cases, mozzarella can be used instead of white cheddar, although you won’t get the same results flavor-wise.

What’s the best substitute for sharp cheddar cheese?

From my experience, extra sharp white cheddar is the best substitute for sharp cheddar cheese.

BOTTOM LINE: There are several white cheddar substitutes. Each cheese has its own flavor profile and texture, therefore it’s crucial to pick the perfect one for the dish. Don’t be scared to experiment with different types of cheese to discover the ideal alternative for your favorite dish!

How did it go? Share your perfect substitute for tasty cheese recipes in the comments (or check out our halloumi cheese substitutes too!)!

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