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14 Delicious Apricot Substitutes for Your Recipes

Several fruits can make a cool apricot substitute and replicate its sweet, tangy flavor and tender texture.

Want to bake but find yourself short on apricots? Or perhaps you just want to shake up your taste buds with something novel.

The solution is frequently as simple as swapping in apricots. Discovering substitutes for apricots is a great way to try out new flavors and indulge in mouthwatering treats without being constrained to the same old thing.

If you’re seeking an alternative to apricot jam or attempting to think of a sumptuous dessert idea, the alternatives are practically unlimited.

Find out the fruit that is the best replacement for apricots right now!

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What are apricots?

Silk Road traders introduced this delightful fruit to Europe from China around 4,000 years ago.

The fruit is tiny and spherical with silky orange skin. Depending on the kind, ripe apricots are soft and juicy with a sweet, somewhat acidic flavor.

Apricots are stone fruits with a hard pit that holds the seed. Peaches, nectarines, cherries, and plums are some other members of the stone fruit family.

Apricots are low in calories and high in fiber, making them a good choice for anyone watching their weight or trying to eat more healthily. Apricots include vitamins A and C, which may support healthy skin, eyes, and the immune system while antioxidants may protect against free radical damage.

Apricots are delicious fresh or in jams, preserves, baked products, and sauces. They are often dried, which maintains their flavor and nutrition and makes them a convenient snack.

14 best apricot substitutes

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I’ve been searching for a sweet, zesty, and soft apricot alternative. My top picks after testing are:

  • Peach

Peaches taste a lot like apricots. They’re sweet, tangy, and juicy – everything you need from an apricot substitute.

They’re also a good substitute for dried apricots or preserves because they’re not as acidic.

I used peach puree for apricot-coconut bars. It provided a delicate taste and managed to keep a comparable apricot flavor.

  • Mango

Mangoes are sweeter and more tropical than apricots. However, their creamy and sweet-tangy flavor profile allows them to replace fresh apricots or apricot puree in recipes.

  • Pineapple

Sweet and tart pineapple makes a suitable substitute for apricots. Its luscious texture and tropical flavor may freshen apricot dishes.

Diced or crushed apricot recipes work nicely with pineapple, even if it’s not as soft.

I tried this idea while making an apricot salad with arugula and feta. Pineapple added a whole new spectrum of sweetness without sacrificing the original tanginess of the salad.

  • Dried cranberries

Dried cranberries are a good apricot alternative. They’re sweet, somewhat tangy, and chewy like dried apricots.

They’re good in dried apricot dishes or as a topping for porridge or yogurt.

Dried cranberries were pleasantly tasty in an almond cake that originally called for dried apricots. They contributed a unique sour taste that went perfectly with the original recipe.

  • Dates

Dates are another dried apricots substitute. They’re sweet, sticky, and rich, adding depth to apricot dishes.

They’re sweeter than dried apricots and work nicely in smoothies and energy balls calling for the flavor of apricots.

  • Nectarines

The flavor of nectarines is comparable to that of apricots and peaches. In recipes that call for fresh or dried apricots, they can provide a juicy and sweet taste with slightly acidic undertones.

  • Persimmons

While not as frequently available as other fruits, persimmons can substitute for apricots in some recipes (and vice versa – check out these persimmon substitutes now!). They’re delicate and have a sweet, somewhat spicy taste that works nicely in baked products and sauces.

  • Tamarind

For a tart, tropical taste, tamarind can replace apricots in some recipes. Thai and Indian cuisine utilize it to flavor chutneys and marinades.

  • Apples

Apples can replace chopped or cooked apricots in recipes. They offer sweetness to baked goods and complement savory dishes with their soft texture and acidic taste.

  • Prunes

Like dried cranberries and dates, prunes are a wonderful apricot alternative. They’re sweet and somewhat tangy with a chewy texture that works nicely in dried apricot dishes.

  • Pears

With their soft texture and slightly acidic sweet flavor, pears can substitute for fresh or cooked apricots. They’re great in pies and tarts.

I loved using pears instead of apricots to make crumble squares. They tasted pleasantly sweet and replicated the light tartness of cooked apricots.

  • Figs

Figs are soft, chewy, and naturally sweet, making them an ideal substitution for dried apricots in recipes. They excel in muffins and breads.

  • Oranges

Apricot-based dishes can benefit from the citrusy sweetness that oranges add. They can bring a burst of freshness and subtle acidity to salads and sweet dishes.

  • Golden Raisins

Golden raisins taste like dried apricots and work nicely in dried fruit dishes. They’re great in rice and salads.

Apricot substitute FAQs

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How many calories are in apricots?

One cup of fresh apricots contains about 75 calories. Dried apricots are higher in calories with one cup containing 313 calories.

What substitutes are most similar in texture to fresh apricots?

Peaches and nectarines are most similar in texture to fresh apricots.

Can dried apricots work as a substitute for fresh apricots?

Yes, dried apricots can work as a substitute for fresh apricots in some recipes. They are great for sweetening things like porridge and yogurt.

Are apricot substitutes vegan?

Yes, all apricot substitutes are vegan.

What is a good dried apricot substitute?

Prunes, dates, and golden raisins are all good dried apricot substitutes.

What are some good substitutes for apricot jam?

Fruit jams – peach jam, raspberry jam, plum jam, cherry jam and cranberry sauce – are good substitutes for apricot jam. 

What are some good substitutes for apricot preserves?

Peach preserves, raspberry preserves, plum preserves, cherry preserves apple jelly and cranberry sauce are all good apricot preserves substitute.

What are some good substitutes for apricot nectar?

Apple juice, pear juice, peach juice, mango juice, and cranberry juice can make a good apricot nectar substitute.

Is homemade apricot jam healthy?

Homemade apricot jam can be made healthy. If you use natural sugar substitutes such as honey or maple syrup and avoid adding too much sugar, then your homemade apricot jam can be a nutritious snack.

Can fruit preserves like apricot jam work as a sugar substitute?

Yes, fruit preserves like apricot jam can be used as a sugar substitute. The fruit’s natural sweetness is preferable to added sugars.

Whenever using preserves in a recipe that calls for other liquid components, be careful to modify other ingredients accordingly.

BOTTOM LINE: Peaches, mangoes, pineapples, dried cranberries, dates, nectarines, and persimmons among others are fruits similar to apricots. In jams, baked items, sauces and salads, these fruits provide a sweet and tangy taste.

Which apricot substitute do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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