by Amanda Terillo

Cookies are one of my favorite foods, so how excited I was to review Studmuffin Dessert’s Stud Buckets of Jackie Os Gluten-Free Cookie Bites. The little buckets are such a perfect container for gifts. The owner even gave me a hand-written card describing more about his cookies.

What I loved about the cookies were how simple and limited the ingredients are. You know you’re eating real food when you know all of the ingredients listed. As for the taste? Delicious! I never had a meringue chocolate chip cookie. I’m more of a chocolate chip girl. They were sweet and had a rich chocolate flavor the way a cookie should be. Let’s just say it did not take us long to finish the buckets.

Jackie O’s Signature cookies are baked in the West Village in Manhattan. Jackie O’s Signature cookies can be purchased through Neiman Marcus and Ahalife.  Just in time for Mother’s Day, they make Mother’s Day Love Buckets, which makes perfect gifts!