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3 Most Popular Bulgarian Cakes You Need to Try

Whether you prefer a classic honey cake or a rich chocolate dessert, Bulgarian cakes are special treats to try at least once.

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If you’re familiar with other popular Bulgarian sweets, you may already know what you’re in for.

Today I’m keeping away from Bulgarian cookies and flaky pastries to give my undivided attention to cakes.

Enjoy this side of Bulgarian cuisine!

3 Most Popular Bulgarian Cakes

Torta Garash (Garash Cake)

A piece of Garash Cake on a white background | Girl Meets Food

Our list kicks off with an amazing Bulgarian chocolate cake invented by Austro-Hungarian confectioner Kosta Garash.

The Bulgarian spelling is Тортa Гараш.

This dessert usually has layers of walnut meringue sponge and chocolate ganache filling. The cake plates consist of egg whites, walnuts and powdered sugar.

It’s an originally gluten-free cake made without flour, ideal for gluten-free diets.

To top off this indulgent treat, Garash cake is covered in a silky chocolate glaze.

Touring various European cuisines might give cake lovers fresh ideas. I adored these lovely Romanian cake recipes!

Biskvitena Torta (Bulgarian Biscuit Cake)

Sliced Biskvitena Torta (Bulgarian biscuit cake) on a cutting board | Girl Meets Food

Biskvitena Torta, or Бисквитена торта, is another popular cake in Bulgaria. This sweet treat has layers of biscuits covered in vanilla or chocolate custard.

The biscuits absorb the cream, resulting in a soft and flavorful cake. Some variations of this cake include adding nuts or fruits like raspberries, banana rings and more.

This Bulgarian dessert is often topped with ground walnuts or even chocolate shavings.

Medovik (French Country Cake)

Medovník cake on a round tray | Girl Meets Food

Following the tradition of honey cakes, Bulgaria has its own version.

It goes by the name Френска селска торта (French Country Cake) although it has nothing to do with France. The creators may have aimed for a fancier moniker.

Like other honey cakes, we have thin honey crusts alternated with a sour cream filling.

You can also spot honey cakes with nuts, fruit jams, condensed milk and more.

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If you like Bulgarian cuisine, I suggest trying classic snacks from Bulgaria like banitsa or kozunak.

You can also find some amazing breakfast options among Bulgarian pastries and other dishes.

I hope you liked these top 3 cakes! Share your experience with Bulgarian cuisine in the comments.

You can learn more about the history of Bulgarian cuisine here!

Sliced Biskvitena Torta (Bulgarian biscuit cake) on a cutting board | Girl Meets Food

3 Most Popular Bulgarian Cakes You Need to Try

Explore the most famous Bulgarian cakes that have captured the hearts. Find out what makes these cakes so special.


  • Torta Garash (Garash Cake)
  • Biskvitena Torta (Bulgarian Biscuit Cake)
  • Medovik (French Country Cake)
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