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10 Places to Get Your Eggs Deviled

You can’t tell us that you don’t make a beeline straight for party platters when you see deviled eggs, then eat 2 or 5 immediately. Few things say summer quite like these zesty, creamy bundles of bliss. We believe in fegginism, but whoever thought to give yolks a sadistic, slutty workover then stuff them back in their own cradles, we would like to shake her filthy, paprika-stained hand.  Don’t wait for a 4th of July picnic to bite.  They’ve had quite a revival in the District:

Au Natural, Jennifer Aniston Devils

Smokin’ Hot Jennifer Lawrence Devils

  • 1905: Truffled Deviled Eggs (v) with mustard vinaigrette and smoked paprika salt ($9)
  • Firefly: Deviled eggs with smoked paprika, caper powder, garlic chips ($7)
  • Todd Gray’s Watershed:  Deviled Eggs with Creamy Shrimp Remoulade, Smoked Paprika, Frisée Salad ($7)

Full-Out, Man-Whore, Charlie Sheen Devils

  • Acadiana: Trio of deviled eggs: crab ravigote, benton bacon bleu cheese, crawfish remoulade ($7)
  • Founding Farmers: “Devil-ish eggs”: Classic or with Maine lobster, crab, smoked salmon ($4/$14)
  • Lincoln: Deviled Eggs in traditional, bacon, smoked salmon, crab and spring pea, steak tartare ($2-$6)

Photo: Acadiana

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5 Things to Try in Annapolis

5 Things to Try in Annapolis

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Texas Oven-Roasted Beef Brisket

Texas Oven-Roasted Beef Brisket

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