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When you’re partners in love and work, how do you maintain the whole balancing act? Washington, DC’s Rooster & Owl’s Carey Tang defines talking as a significant other vs. venting as a business partner to Chef Yuan Tang, DCanter – A Wine Boutique‘s Michelle Lim-Warner says “life meetings” is the lifeblood of her and husband Michael Warner’s partnership, and DC Life Magazine’s Gigi Smith explains having an open door policy is her recipe for success with partner Eugene Smith.

[0:34] Mary says IKEA will test any relationship.

[5:01] Michelle and Michael are opposites, and that’s the strength of her marriage and partnership.

[8:37] Mary tries to convince her husband that she’s doesn’t spend all day on the couch when working from home.

[17:00] Carey practices patience as Yuan dishes about a dish pit.

[18:51] Gigi’s husband Gene uses voodoo to predict her pregnancy?

[21:38] Michelle doesn’t feel the need to please people “just because.”

[22:50] Carey trades in intuition for collaboration.

[24:08] Gigi learns to trust her gut in addition to mastering communication with her partner.

[30:30] Carey talks about showering together after 13 years.

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