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12 Delicious White American Cheese Substitute Options

Are you looking for a healthier white American cheese alternative? I’ll introduce some delicious options for a successful swap!

Grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, and macaroni and cheese taste great white American cheese.

Some people might not eat this processed cheese because of dietary restrictions, preferences, or lack of availability in their area.

So I’ll discuss some of the best White American cheese replacements that can be used in recipes without sacrificing taste or texture.

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What is white American cheese?

Let’s define white American cheese before discussing replacements. It’s a processed type of cheese manufactured from milk, milk fat, and additional components.

Cheese sandwiches, burgers, pasta dishes and other foods benefit from its smooth, creamy texture and mild, salty taste.

White American cheese is popular but not always healthy-diet-friendly. Processed cheese is heavy in sodium and fat, thus many avoid it.

Some people might also be looking for a vegan or lactose-free cheese alternative.

12 best white American cheese substitutes

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Having established what white American cheese is, let’s move on to its substitutes:

  • Cashew cheese

Vegan cashew cheese is creamy and tasty. Cashews, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, and seasonings are blended to make it. This smooth, tangy cheese is great for sandwiches and white cheese dip recipes.

I prepared a cashew cheese spread by mixing soaked cashews with nutritional yeast, lemon juice, garlic, and salt instead of white American cheese for my grilled cheese sandwich.

What I got was a tasty and smooth replacement that I used to make a vegan grilled cheese sandwich. It was as delicious as real cheese!

  • Soy cheese

Soy milk makes vegan soy cheese. Like white American cheese, it’s creamy and nutty. Healthy soy cheese also contains protein and calcium.

I made a vegan-friendly pizza by replacing the white American cheese with soy cheese. This mild cheese was fantastic, and its melting properties were very close to those of real cheese.

  • White cheddar cheese

White cheddar cheese is a fantastic substitute for American cheese. Sandwiches and burgers taste well with this white cheese with tangy flavor and creamy texture.

Sharp cheddar with a more crumbly texture, smoked cheddar, and jalapeño cheddar are also available options.

I’ve already covered white cheddar substitutes and regular cheddar cheese alternatives in earlier articles. Try these out if you want additional inspiration.

  • Swiss cheese

Swiss cheese is mild. It tastes like white American cheese—nutty and sweet. The Swiss cheese I used for the white American cheese gave my prepared quiche a much richer taste.

Swiss cheese’s sour and salty flavor lends a rich complexity to a variety of recipes!

  • Provolone cheese

White American cheese can be substituted with provolone. Sandwiches and melted cheese dishes benefit from provolone’s mild, nutty flavor and smooth texture. Smoked and sharp varieties are also available in a wider flavor range.

  • Monterey Jack cheese

White American cheese can also be substituted with Monterey Jack—a popular cheese variety. Its mild, buttery flavor and silky texture make it popular for sandwiches, cheese dips, and quesadillas.

Monterey Jack is processed cheese like white American cheese, although it can also be organic. Monterey Jack has a stronger flavor and less sodium than white American cheese, thus some people prefer it.

If you’re making a chili cheese dip, you can try using Monterey Jack instead of white American cheese. Monterey Jack’s sharper and nuttier taste works brilliantly to temper the chili’s spiciness.

  • Mozzarella cheese

In some recipes, mozzarella cheese can replace white American cheese. Mozzarella cheese is stringy and mildly sweet.

Mozzarella is a very popular cheese that can replace white American melted cheese in quesadillas and mac & cheese.

Topping my margherita pizza with fresh mozzarella cheese is a must. When combined with the acidic tomato sauce and fragrant basil, the fresh and mild flavor of the cheese creates a perfect flavor combo.

  • Colby cheese

Another well-liked alternative to American cheese is Colby. Colby cheese is gentler than white American cheese and has mellow, somewhat sweeter notes.

It melts easily, so you can use it for grilled cheese sandwiches, cheesy sauces, mac and cheese, quesadillas, and other American cheese recipes.

You can also try out these Colby cheese substitutes for another perfect cheese option!

  • Havarti cheese

Denmark’s semi-soft cheese. Its mild, buttery flavor and creamy texture make it a suitable replacement for White American Cheese in terms of flavor and consistency.

Because it’s less processed and has a richer flavor, some people prefer havarti to white American cheese.

  • Fontina cheese

Fontina is an Italian cheese variety. Its nutty, buttery taste makes it a creamy substitute for white American cheese in many dishes.

Fontina melts well and has a smooth, creamy texture, making it an excellent choice for melted cheese dishes.

  • Oaxacan cheese

Oaxacan cheese is a Mexican cheese made from cow’s milk. This semi-hard cheese replaces white American cheese in many recipes due to its mild, slightly acidic flavor and stringy texture.

By exchanging the standard white American cheese for Oaxacan pre-shredded cheese, I was able to whip up a very wonderful white queso dip.

Oaxacan cheese’s smokiness and soft texture can take your Mexican dishes to a whole new level!

For more Mexican inspo, check out our ideas for what to eat with enchilada casserole!

  • Velveeta cheese

Velveeta is milk-based processed cheese. It melts and replaces white American cheese in burgers, mac & cheese, quesadillas, cheese sauces, and other recipes.

White American cheese substitute FAQs

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Is pepper jack a good substitute for white American cheese?

Yes, pepper jack is a good substitute for White American Cheese. It’s a variant of Monterey Jack.

What cheese tastes most like white American cheese?

Processed cheese products like Velveeta are said to taste most like White American Cheese.

What is white American cheese called?

“White American cheese” is the most common name but it’s also referred to as “American slices” or “American singles”.

Is white American cheese the same as white cheddar?

No, white American cheese is not the same as white cheddar. While white American cheese is a processed variety, white cheddar is a natural cheese derived from cow’s milk. White cheddar is bolder and sharper than white American cheese.

What does white American cheese taste like?

White American cheese has a mild, slightly sweet flavor and a creamy texture.

Can ricotta cheese replace white American cheese?

Ricotta cheese can replace white American cheese in rare cases. It has a milder flavor profile and doesn’t melt or stretch like American cheese.

Can I replace white American cheese with Queso Fresco?

You can replace white American cheese with Queso Fresco in some cases. It melts well but the texture and flavor difference is very noticeable.

BOTTOM LINE: Several tasty white American cheese replacements can replace processed cheese in a variety of dishes. Vegan and healthier varieties of cheese are also widely available. Try these and choose your perfect cheese option!

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