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3 Amazing Ukrainian Paska Recipes to Try for Easter

There are several different Ukrainian paska recipes as every family has their own special version of this traditional Easter bread.

Let’s learn more about this treat and how to make it with three Ukrainian-inspired recipes.

Ukrainian Paska Recipes featured image | Girl Meets Food

What Is Paska?

Paska is a sweet bread enriched with eggs, butter, and sugar, often flavored with lemon zest (or orange zest) and vanilla.

It is traditionally baked in a round shape with designs on top. They can be cross-shaped braids or flowers.

 Paska can also be topped with icing and sprinkles. The icing is made of powdered sugar and egg whites.

This enriched bread is the central element in the Easter basket. It’s filled with other classic Ukrainian Easter foods like pysanky (decorated eggs), ham, kovbasa (sausage), and more.

For the original recipe, you’ll need a few cups of flour, milk, yeast, eggs, butter and white sugar. The most popular additions are raisins and nuts.

Ukrainian Paska Recipes

Let’s explore some ideas inspired by this Ukrainian bread.

Ukrainian Easter Bread (Paska) With Apricots and Marzipan on a plate | Girl Meets Food
Paska with Apricots and Marzipans
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This recipe creates a fluffy, buttery paska with sultanas, dried apricots and marzipan for a twist.

The dough consists of typical paska ingredients like all-purpose flour, yeast, milk, eggs, butter and sugar.

While the dough takes some time to rest and double, the prep time is only 30 minutes.

Vegan Paska in the cake baking dish | Girl Meets Food
Vegan Paska
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Vegan Paska is an amazing idea for those who are looking for a dairy and egg-free alternative. This recipe uses coconut milk, bread flour, instant yeast, sugar, salt, and vegan butter.

This recipe also combines oranges, aquafaba and raisins for a rich zesty flavor.

A piece of paska bread on the plate | Girl Meets Food
Paska Bread with Sour Cream
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Paska with sour cream is a delightful spin on a cheesecake or syrnyk, one of the greatest Ukrainian cakes. It creates a creamy and delicious Easter dessert.

The addition of lemon peel and vanilla gives this paska a wonderful aroma.

 I hope you enjoyed these Ukrainian Easter bread recipes. Let me know if you’d like me to share the traditional recipe used by my family!

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A piece of paska bread on the plate | Girl Meets Food

3 Amazing Ukrainian Paska Recipes to Try for Easter

Celebrate Easter inspired by Ukrainian traditions with these original Ukrainian paska recipes. Brighten up your holiday!


  • Paska with Apricots and Marzipans
  • Vegan Paska
  • Paska Bread with Sour Cream
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