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Eat Like A Champ When You Lazy AF: Prepare For Success

Have you resolved to stop eating like an asshole? Well, good news! I'm here to help. It's not hard. You know what is hard?...
10 Best Cookies Ever Made

10 Best Cookies Ever Made

While I do love cupcakes (store-bought Funfetti is an easy way to my heart), they dominate the dessert universe. Even mini ones from that bakery in New York City keep popping up everywhere.Cookies are much classier than their attention-whorish cousins. I discovered my...

Roasted Greek Lamb and Potatoes

Roasted Greek Lamb and Potatoes

Easter is the most important holiday for Christians around the world. Growing up in a Greek Orthodox household, we spare nothing for the celebration. At the center of every Greek Easter table is lamb. Lamb is an important part of any Greek celebration and...

Cheap Dates: Your Very Own Rom-Com for $35

Cheap Dates: Your Very Own Rom-Com for $35

“Rom-coms,” or romantic comedies, exist in a wildly unrealistic parallel universe, where Nora Ephron is God and wealthy bachelors fall in love with prostitutes. Still, we all swoon at the stories of this alternate reality…I’m looking at you too, boys. Star in your own...


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