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What is a Bulgarian Breakfast? 6 Authentic Foods

Delicious pastries are the standard fare of a Bulgarian breakfast. You may also expect something to drink, such as tea, coffee, ayran or juice.

So basically, a continental breakfast is a thing in Bulgaria.

What I know from my Bulgarian friends is that when it comes to traditional food, they like banitsa for breakfast or the so-called princess sandwiches with minced meat and kashkaval cheese.

Authentic Bulgarian Breakfast featured image | Girl Meets Food

If you’re looking to switch things up, why not try a classic Bulgarian breakfast for a change?

6 Traditional Bulgarian Breakfast Foods

Here are the popular breakfast options with a focus on fresh, healthy ingredients.

A plate with a pile of Bulgarian Mekitsa is in a cutting board. There are other Mekitsa pieces next to the plate | Girl Meets Food
Mekitsi (Bulgarian Fried Dough)
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Classic Bulgarian mekitsi are flatbreads prepared from flour, eggs, yogurt, leavening agent and salt. The dough is cooked in hot oil till golden brown and crispy on the exterior yet soft and fluffy inside.

Mekitsi can be sweet with powdered sugar or honey. For a savory breakfast, though, you can make them with cheese or minced meat.

I think this Bulgarian pancake is amazing for breakfast or as a snack with coffee or tea.

A tray of pitka | Girl Meets Food
Pitka Bread (Koledna Pitka)
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Koledna Pitka, or Pitka Bread, is a traditional Bulgarian Christmas bread eaten for breakfast. 

This recipe includes feta cheese and kasar cheese rolled into the dough. Alternatively, you can your turn cheesy pastry into garlic bread which is also a great breakfast option.

If you want a sweet breakfast, you can spread the dough with Nutella, jam or peanut butter.


Banitsa pastry on a kitchen towel | Girl Meets Food

Bulgarian banitsa is a filo dough Bulgarian pastry filled with whisked eggs, yogurt, and cheese. It’s baked in a round swirled shape.

Banitsa can also be made with spinach, pumpkin, or apples for a different twist.

Overall, it’s a popular Bulgarian breakfast often enjoyed with boza (a fermented malt drink) or Bulgarian yogurt.


Tutmanik (Bulgarian cheese bread) with garlic and greens on a cutting board | Girl Meets Food

Tutmanik is a Bulgarian cheese bread. It includes eggs, yogurt, white cheese similar to feta, and sometimes minced meat or veggies.

The traditional cheese used is called sirene, which is a key ingredient in many Bulgarian dishes.

If this sounds delicious to you, check out these flavorful Bulgarian snacks for more options.


A bowl of Popare (Bulgarian bread porridge) on the cutting board | Girl Meets Food

Popare is made with leftover bread, milk, sugar, and butter or oil. The bread is shredded and steeped in hot milk to soften.

This breakfast dish is then sweetened with sugar, and sometimes butter, honey and cheese are added on top.

Craving sweets? Desserts from Bulgaria are a wonderful option to explore too.


A piece of zelnik on a traditional plate | Girl Meets Food

Zelnik is a savory pie made with finely chopped cabbage or spinach. It can also have sirene cheese, feta, eggs, sorrel, meat, leeks, spring onions or rice.

Serve yourself a piece of this traditional pastry for breakfast or include it on a meze platter for a true taste of Bulgarian cuisine.

If you like pastries, I also suggest trying these delectable Czech pastries.

I hope you enjoyed these tasty options for breakfast. If you want more Bulgarian food, let me know in the comments!

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A bowl of Popare (Bulgarian bread porridge) on the cutting board | Girl Meets Food

What is a Bulgarian Breakfast? 6 Authentic Foods

Discover the top six delicious foods that make up a traditional Bulgarian breakfast. Start your day the Bulgarian way!


  • Mekitsi (Bulgarian Fried Dough)
  • Pitka Bread (Koledna Pitka)
  • Banitsa
  • Tutmanik
  • Popara
  • Zelnik
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