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Top 10 Ukrainian Vegetarian Recipes (Classics Go Veg!)

Even though Ukraine is known for many meat dishes, there are plenty of Ukrainian vegetarian recipes you can try.

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How do I know? For starters, I’m Ukrainian. I grew up in Ukraine and have always been passionate about traditional cuisine with a modern twist.

Secondly, I love plant-based food and I already dedicated an article to the best vegan Ukrainian recipes.

The vegetarian side of things is up next. Here are tasty ideas for anyone wanting to explore the meatless Ukrainian repertoire.

Best Ukrainian Vegetarian Recipes

A bowl of borscht soup topped with sour cream on the table | Girl Meets Food
Vegetarian Ukrainian Borshch
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The vegetarian version of the world-famous Ukrainian beet soup is as good as the original. The key ingredients here are beets, sliced veggies, vegetable broth and aromatic herbs.

This delicious soup is low-calorie so you can serve it with something on the side. Green onions, rye bread or pampushky are top-tier choices.

For a more authentic recipe, add some white beans to your borshch—good taste plus protein. It’s one of the best Ukrainian recipes for Christmas Eve.

The baking dish with pampushky | Girl Meets Food
Ukrainian Pampushky (Garlic Bread Buns)
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Every borshch needs pampushky, Ukrainian bread buns. They’re made with simple dry yeast dough and brushed with mouthwatering garlic and herb sauce.

They’re very fluffy and aromatic—perfect for borshch— but I also love them simply as a snack on their own. 

A bowl of varenyky on the blue table cloth | Girl Meets Food
Varenyky (Ukrainian Dumplings)
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Varenyky are the famous Ukrainian dumplings filled with potatoes, cheese, sauerkraut or even mushrooms.

Along with borshch and holubtsi (stuffed cabbage rolls), they make up the triumvirate of Ukrainian cuisine. At least in my family’s kitchen.

The original Ukrainian recipe is actually vegetarian although it may include pork scratchings. Keep that in mind if you’re ordering varenyky in a restaurant.

A bowl of Beet Salad (Vinaigrette) | Girl Meets Food
Beet Salad (Vinaigrette)
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Vinaigrette is the most common name for this beet salad in Ukraine. The original recipe calls for boiled vegetables and an olive oil dressing.

Pickles, red onions, potatoes, carrots, and beets are the veggies here. I also enjoy including red or white beans—the way my mom prepares it.

Then all you need is some olive oil, salt, and black pepper to make the dressing.

A piece of syrnyk topped with jam on a plate | Girl Meets Food
Zapekanka (Farmer’s Cheese Cake)
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Ukrainian cheesecake made with farmer’s cheese is often called zapekanka. You can also use ricotta or cottage cheese for this recipe.

You can drizzle your ready-baked cheesecake with a berry sauce or top it with fresh fruit. My grandma also adds raisins to the batter.

A plate of deruny and a ramekin with sour cream on the table | Girl Meets Food
Deruny (Potato Fritters)
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If you’re looking for Ukrainian comfort food, you have to try deruny at some point. They’re crispy pancakes or fritters made with grated potatoes.

This Ukrainian dish also has egg and flour to keep the ingredients together and some yellow onion for extra taste.

Serve your deruny with sour cream—you won’t regret it. They’re perfect for breakfast—so you can explore Ukrainian breakfast options starting from here.

A piece of Honey Cake on a plate | Girl Meets Food
Ukrainian Honey Cake with Prunes
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Thin layers of crispy honey cake filled with sour cream frosting sound like heaven for my sweet tooth.

I love honey cakes because they have the ideal balance between sweet and sour taste. This version enhanced with prunes delivers in this respect as well.

Try this delicious recipe for a quick vegetarian dessert. Simple ingredients and natural sweetness guaranteed! 

Eggplant Caviar on bread toasts | Girl Meets Food
Eggplant Caviar
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Eggplant caviar had to be on this list. You can spread it on crackers or toast for a delicious appetizer.

While I grew up eating squash caviar more often, I’ve recently come to like eggplant caviar. Put it on some toasted bread and see what happens—delicious!

Along with other famous party delicacies from Ukraine, eggplant caviar is great for any special occasion!

Ukrainian Easter Bread (Paska) With Apricots and Marzipan on a plate | Girl Meets Food
Paska with Apricots and Marzipan
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Every year around Easter, Ukrainian families bake paska, a traditional sweet bread. I can’t even describe the wonderful aroma it fills the home with.

This version of paska is filled with apricots and marzipan, adding a twist to the classic recipe.

Looking for more Ukrainian Easter food ideas? Check out my article!

A piece of paska bread on the plate | Girl Meets Food
Paska with Sour Cream
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Looking for a simple, creamy dessert? I couldn’t resist including this cheesecake-inspired paska with sour cream.  

I think it’s an awesome spin on the traditional recipe without sacrificing the true Ukrainian colors (or rather flavors). So you can enjoy your Easter bread in various ways!

Feel free to check out more traditional Ukrainian ingredients and recipes.

Share your favorite vegetarian dish in the comments!

A bowl of borscht soup topped with sour cream on the table | Girl Meets Food

Top 10 Ukrainian Vegetarian Recipes (Classics Go Veg!)

From meatless borshch to paska, enjoy the best Ukrainian vegetarian recipes to enhance your experience of my local food.


  • Vegetarian Ukrainian Borshch
  • Ukrainian Pampushky (Garlic Bread Buns)
  • Varenyky (Ukrainian Dumplings)
  • Beet Salad (Vinaigrette)
  • Zapekanka (Farmer's Cheese Cake)
  • Deruny (Potato Fritters)
  • Ukrainian Honey Cake with Prunes
  • Eggplant Caviar
  • Paska with Apricots and Marzipan
  • Paska with Sour Cream
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