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25 Surprising Fruits That Start With T: Can You Guess?

Hey there, fruit fanatics! Today, I want to take you on a juicy journey through the realm of fruits that start with the letter T!

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From the tangy to the tropical, we scoured the web to bring you all kinds of tantalizing treats that are as tasty as they come with only one thing in common: they’re fruits that start with the letter T.

So, grab a seat and get ready to explore these 25 terrific fruits that make my taste buds dance and will be sure to get yours excited too!

Here are 25 Tantalising fruits that start with T

Tachibana orange

One of the varieties of mandarin oranges, the Tachibana orange is a wild citrus fruit. It is native to Japan and has a bright orange color with a flattened shape.

Tastewise, it has a bitter-sweet flavor making it great for marmalades. Its scientific name is Citrus tachibana.

Tahitian apple

Hailing from Tahiti, this fruit is popular for its medicinal value. It grows in many tropical countries and has a crisp texture with a mildly sweet flavour that makes it perfect for snacking as well as adding a refreshing twist to salads.

The fruit has an oval, somewhat oblong shape and a color that varies from green when young to yellow when ripe.


Tamarind beans on wooden surface | Girl Meets Food

Native to the tropical regions in Africa, the tamarind fruit is one from the family of legumes known for its uniquely sweet but sour flavor.

This tropical fruit is used to add a zesty twist to dishes, and beverages and for its numerous health benefits.

The tamarind tree itself is also valued for its medicinal uses and its tangy fruit is known for its unique sweet and sour flavor. The scientific name of this fruit is Tamarindus indica.


Orange in color with a thick leathery rind, tangerines are among the list of fruits that start with the letter T. These citrus fruits are much less sour and a bit sweeter than most of the other members of their family.

Tangerines are some of the most common fruits that start with T and are super easy to peel. Tangerine fruit is enjoyed when ripe and is used for all kinds of sweet beverages, treats and dishes. The scientific name of this popular fruit is Citrus tangerina.

Tangor fruit

Tangors on a market stall | Girl Meets Food

The tangor fruit, like some other fruits starting with T in this list, is a hybrid fruit of the mandarin and sweet orange fruits.

It has a bright orange color and a juicy pulp with a sweet taste. Citrus reticulata × sinensis is its scientific name.


Tayberries | Girl Meets Food

The tayberry is a sweet fruit that’s a cross between a blackberry and a red raspberry. It’s also an aggregate fruit that’s not as tart as its parent and hence is often eaten as a snack and in salads.

Tayberries are also perfect in jams, pies and for cocktails. The scientific name of the tayberry is Rubus fruticosus x idaeus.

Teardrop tomatoes

Also called pear-shaped tomatoes, these are small tomatoes with a firm texture and juicy flesh. They can be red or yellow and are valued for their crack resistance as well as their sweet but tangy flavor.

These pear-shaped tomatoes are about the size of cherry tomatoes and are often used in salads. The scientific name of this fruit is Lycopersicon esculentum var. cerasiforme.

Texas Mayhaw

Native to the southern United States, the Texas Mayhaw is a small fruit that resembles a crabapple. The flowers that bloom before the fruit comes have ornamental value.

This T fruit is used to make jellies, syrups, and even wine, thanks to its pleasantly tart flavor.

Crataegus opaca Hook. & Arn. is the scientific name of the mayhaw fruit that grows from Southwest Alabama all the way to east Texas.

Texas persimmon

Native to many parts of the Lone Star state, Texas, the Texas persimmon is a small fruit that boasts a rich and sweet flavor when it’s ripe as it appears dark in color.

It’s often used in jams and desserts, and its deep purple color adds a touch of elegance to any dish. The Texas persimmon fruit has the scientific name Diospyros texana

Thai lychee

Thai lychee in the garden | Girl Meets Food

Quite similar to the more well-known lychee, the Thai lychee has sweet and juicy pulp. It has a delicate taste, making it a popular choice for all kinds of desserts and fruit salads. This fruit from Southeast Asia also has a red outer skin that’s inedible.

The scientific name of the lychee fruit is Litchi chinensis.

Thorn melon

Two halves of thorn melon | Girl Meets Food

Also known as Kiwano by locals, the thorn melon is a unique fruit whose flesh closely resembles that of a cucumber.

It has a mild and slightly sweet flavour and edible seeds, just like the cucumber and has a yellowish, spiky exterior, hence why it’s also called the spiked melon.

It’s perfect for smoothies as well as desserts and its scientific name is Cucumis metuliferus.

Tibetan Goji berry

Goji berries are renowned for their health benefits, and the Tibetan variety is no exception. Tibetan Goji berries are small red fruit that originated from China with a sweet-sour flavor.

These small red fruits are packed with antioxidants and are believed to improve longevity.


Lots of green tindora | Girl Meets Food

Tindora fruits are ovoid-shaped fruits native to the tropical regions of Africa and Asia. It’s a small fruit whose color ranges from green to red and is commonly used in Indian cuisine as it can be eaten raw or cooked.

The tindora fruit has a crunchy texture with a mildly bitter aftertaste. Also known as ivy gourd, it can also be pickled and has the scientific name Coccinia grandis.

Toka plum

Toka plums on the tree | Girl Meets Food

The toka plum is a bright red fruit with soft flesh. This fruit is a hybrid of the American and Japanese plum fruits.

It tastes like the essence of bubblegum when ripe and its tree has ornamental value for the beautiful and fragrant white flowers it bears. Prunus ‘Toka’ is the scientific name of this T fruit. 


Although this might come as a surprise to some, the tomato is actually a fruit (a berry to be specific) and not a vegetable.

It’s used in salads, sandwiches, all kinds of stews and sauces as a source of vitamins as well as to add color, a tangy taste and thickness to a dish.

One of the most versatile fruits, Solanum lycopersicum is the scientific name of this culinary veggie.

Tomato berry

A hybrid variety of the more common tomato, tomato berries are a lesser-known fruit with nearly the exact same characteristics as their more popular cousins.

They’re much smaller and shaped like strawberries.

These fruits are slightly sweeter in taste and are perfect for snacking or adding a unique touch to salads and desserts. Tomatoes have the scientific name Solanum lycopersicum

Tommy Atkins mango

The Tommy Atkins mango is a kind of mango cultivar valued for its durability despite its not-so-desirable taste.

It has a comparably longer shelf life, is much more tolerant to handling during transportation and is visually attractive compared to other varieties of mangoes, hence their popularity.

Mangifera indica ‘Tommy Atkins’ is the scientific name of this fruit.


Toromiro tree | Girl Meets Food

Indigenous to Easter Island, the Toromiro fruit is a rare find. Its tree is valued for the great quality of its wood while the fruit itself has a tangy and slightly sweet taste, making it a cherished delicacy among locals.

Sophora toromiro is the scientific name of this fruit and it is now believed to be extinct in the wild.

Tree strawberry

Unlike the traditional strawberry, this fruit grows on trees and has a unique flavor. It has the appearance of a lychee but is much smaller and its sweet but sour taste makes it a great fruit for jellies, jams and even as a garnish.

It’s also known as the arbutus berry and is native to the Mediterranean. Arbutus unedo is the botanical name of the evergreen shrub that bears this fruit. 

Tree tomato

Also known as the tamarillo, this fruit has a unique egg-like shape and a vibrant red or orange color. The tree tomato is native to South America and valued in many countries all around the world for its taste.

Its flavor is often described as a blend of tomatoes and passionfruit. The tamarillo fruit has the scientific name Solanum betaceum.

Trifoliate orange

Trifoliate oranges growing on tree | Girl Meets Food

Although it’s often used as an ornamental plant, the trifoliate orange is an incredible fruit. It’s a small fruit with yellow skin and is often described as having a taste similar to that of a blend of lemon and grapefruit.

This type of citrus fruit is also used to make marmalades and preserves and has the scientific name Poncirus trifoliata.

Tropical guava

Tropical guava fruits | Girl Meets Food

The tropical guava is a small fruit whose soft flesh is somewhat pinkish-red and the skin ranges from green to yellow.

It tastes like a cross between peaches and strawberries, making it an excellent fruit for all kinds of sweet treats, drinks and desserts. It’s a rich source of all kinds of nutrients and has the scientific name Psidium guajava.

Tulip apple

This is a unique variety of the common apple fruit. The tulip apple has a distinct tulip-like shape when it’s cut laterally. It has a crisp texture, just like other varieties of apples.

Tuna (prickly pear)

Native to the Americas and popular in Mexico, the tuna fruit is the product of the prickly pear cactus. The “tuna” fruit comes in vibrant colors and has a refreshing taste, making it ideal to enjoy fresh in salads or whirled in all kinds of sweet drinks.

This fruit’s plant falls under the Opuntia genus of flowering plants.


Twinberries growing on tree | Girl Meets Food

This unique fruit is native to North America and is known for its distinctive twin berries that grow side by side.

They’re also known as the twinberry honeysuckle and have a slightly tart taste or are often described as many as being unpleasant and bitter. 

Twinberries have the scientific name Lonicera involucrata and are often used in jams and preserves.


There you have it, my fellow fruit adventurers! We’ve embarked on a tantalizing journey through 25 terrific fruits that start with the letter T.

From the tangy tamarind to the tropical guava, each fruit brings its own unique flavor and charm to the table.

So, why not step out of your fruity comfort zone and give these T fruits a try?

You can also try some delicious vegetables starting with T, as well as 110 delicious T foods.

And while you’re at it, be sure to check out these fruits that start with R, fruits that start with S as well as these fruits that begin with letter O!

Trifoliate oranges growing on tree | Girl Meets Food

25 Surprising Fruits That Start With T: Can You Guess?

From the tangy to the tropical, here’s a diverse range of tantalizing fruits that start with the T. You'll love #4!


  • Tachibana orange
  • Tahitian apple
  • Tamarind
  • Tangerine
  • Tangor fruit
  • Tayberry
  • Teardrop tomatoes
  • Texas Mayhaw
  • Texas persimmon
  • Thai lychee
  • Thorn melon
  • Tibetan Goji berry
  • Tindora
  • Toka plum
  • Tomato
  • Tomato berry
  • Tommy Atkins mango
  • Toromiro
  • Tree strawberry
  • Tree tomato
  • Trifoliate orange
  • Tropical guava
  • Tulip apple
  • Tuna prickly pear
  • Twinberry
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