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What’s The Best Substitute For Currant Jelly: 8 Tasty Ideas

Are you in the middle of a recipe and need a substitute for currant jelly? Don’t worry, there are several options to use instead.

Not having any currant jelly on hand might be a major pain when attempting to complete a dish. The unique flavor of this beautiful jelly might make it challenging to mimic.

If you’re out of currant jelly and need to whip up a delectable dish, I’ll help you out!

I’m sure there is a perfect substitute for currant jelly to satisfy your sweet or sour tooth.

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What is currant jelly?

Currant jelly is produced from little black, red, and white currants. Currant jelly is sweet and tangy thanks to currant’s acidic and bitter taste.

This flavor complements rich, savory foods like roast lamb, venison, and game birds. It can also glaze cakes and pastries or fill cookies and sweet rolls. Additionally, currant jelly is a sweet and tart scone or bread spread in English cuisine.

Currant jelly includes vitamin C, fiber, and other nutrients. It’s a rich source of antioxidants which may defend against free radical damage.

Currant jelly is sold online and at most grocery shops in the jelly or condiment area. Homemade versions can be made with fresh or frozen currants, sugar, and fruit pectin.

Types of jelly

Currant jelly comes in different forms, including:

  • Redcurrant jelly: made from red currants, has a tart flavor often used in both sweet and savory dishes.
  • Blackcurrant jelly: made from black currants, has a more robust flavor than its red currant counterpart.
  • Whitecurrant jelly: made from white currants, has a more subtle sweetness and a delicate flavour.
  • Mixed currant jelly: made from a variety of currants, including red, black, and white currants, each contributing its own flavor to the final product.

Substitute for currant jelly: best ideas

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Let’s check out all these options and pick your best redcurrant and blackcurrant substitute jellies:

  • Muscadine grape jelly

You may swap the currant jelly in your pantry for some muscadine grape jelly. Its tart and sweet flavor can be used in a glaze for roast lamb or game birds.

As they are indigenous to the southeastern United States, muscadine grapes may be hard to come by.

  • Grape jelly

If you can’t find muscadine grapes, regular grape jelly is sweet just like currant jelly but not as sour.

Grape jelly stood in for currant jelly when I attempted to prepare a glaze for tofu. The fruity richness brought to the glaze by this yummy jelly went wonderfully with the savory tofu.

  • Raspberry jelly

Raspberry jelly tastes like currant jelly—sweet and tart. It can replace currant jelly in equal proportions in many recipes.

When I made a redcurrant jelly tart with raspberry jelly instead, I was pleasantly delighted by how well it turned out.

The fruit tart’s almond filling got a boost from the jelly’s sweet and sour undertones, and the glaze was a great complement.

  • Pomegranate jelly

This sweet and tart jelly is a delicious currant jelly alternative in savory meals. Pomegranate jelly is more difficult to get, so your best bet is to look for it at specialty stores or to order it online.

You can also find pomegranate replacements that can simplify your meal preparation!

  • Apple jelly

Apple jelly can stand in for currant jelly in baked goods like pies and cakes. Although it lacks the intensity of taste found in traditional currant jelly, it is nonetheless a popular ingredient in many sweets.

I needed a touch of sweetness for my veggie Wellington, and currant jelly fit the bill perfectly. Without having any on hand, I used apple jelly in its place. The apple jelly went wonderfully, and the resulting sweet flavor balanced out the earthy mushrooms and spinach in the Wellington.

  • Plum jam

Plum jam’s sweet flavor and fruity richness can make a great replacement for currant jelly. It has a similar consistency and can be used as a glaze or filling in recipes. It’s readily available at most grocery stores, and homemade versions are also easy to make for a flavor alternative.

Plum jam also makes an interesting blackcurrant jam substitute, if you like pieces of mashed fruit.

  • Cranberry sauce

Currant jelly can be substituted with this tangy sauce. It has a tart flavor and can be used in equal proportions in any red currant jelly substitute recipe.

You can easily make cranberry sauce at home by boiling frozen or fresh fruit with white sugar and water until the mixture thickens. This sauce also makes a good alternative to currant sauce.

Cranberries are a very versatile ingredient. If you can’t find it for a certain recipe, these cranberry substitutes provide a wide range of options.

  • Apricot jam

Apricot jam can replace currant jelly in some desserts. In cakes, tarts, and other pastries, it adds a similar delicious flavor. 

If you like the apricot flavor in your desserts, why not check out these delectable apricot substitutes for more ideas?

Currant jelly substitutes FAQs

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Is redcurrant sauce another name for redcurrant jelly?

Yes, redcurrant sauce is another name for redcurrant jelly.

Do redcurrant and blackcurrant jelly taste the same?

Redcurrant jelly and blackcurrant jelly share a similar sourness. Blackcurrant jelly boasts a bolder, more pronounced flavor while redcurrant jelly is sweeter.

What’s the best substitute for redcurrant jelly?

In my opinion, the best redcurrant jelly substitute is raspberry jelly. It provides a similar flavor profile and texture.

Can I substitute cranberry juice for currant juice?

Cranberry juice isn’t the best substitute for currant juice. It’s best to use pomegranate juice or a combination of grape and lemon juice.

What’s the best black currant jam substitute?

Blueberry jam is a great black currant substitute for jams. It has a similar consistency and color and can be used in equal amounts in recipes.

BOTTOM LINE: Currant jelly has several replacements. Jellies and jams made from grapes, raspberries, pomegranates, apples, plums, apricots, and cranberries are all delicious options. Try out different ingredients and methods to see what you like most in your dish.

I hope you’ve found some decent currant jelly substitutes for your favorite recipes! Share your ideas in the comments!

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