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The 6 Best Substitutes for Strawberry Extract

Cranberry, raspberry extract and even strawberry syrup are some great options you can use as a replacement for strawberry extract in your recipes. Wondering what other choices you can use for your strawberry recipes? Read on to find out!

I’m an absolute sucker for fruits and probably the biggest fan of strawberries out there. I love fresh strawberries in my cold berry salads for dessert and its extract for many of my pastries, but when I can’t get my hands on some for those baked treats, I just make do with a substitute.

After trying out many choices I thought would work well as a replacement for its uniquely sweet flavor, I finally settled on these six options I’d argue are the absolute best on the market.

So, without further ado, have a look at the best strawberry extract substitutes I have for you!

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Why use a substitute for strawberry extract?

  • Allergy concerns

If you or any member of your family is allergic to strawberries, you might want to consider using a substitute for a strawberry extract for your recipes. 

  • Personal preferences

Not a fan of strawberries? That’s alright. You will need something that has a similar sweet taste to strawberry to use for your favorite recipes. Other fruit extracts work well as a strawberry substitute and will give you a near-strawberry flavor for whatever you’re looking to make.

  • Availability

Another reason to use a substitute for strawberry extract is its availability. Strawberry extract may not be readily available in all grocery stores, especially if you live in a rural area. If you don’t want to wait for delivery or drive to a faraway store, you can use one of the substitutes I’ll mention below.

Substitutes for strawberry extract

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  • Raspberry extract

Because raspberries have a very similar flavour profile to that of strawberries, their extract works well as a replacement for those strong strawberry flavors. 

Raspberries themselves have a bright taste and are naturally very sweet. It’s great as a strawberry extract in baking and just about any other recipe that calls for some strawberry extract.

I’d say go for this if you aren’t a fan of strawberries or are allergic to the fruit.

  • Rosewater

Here’s an interesting strawberry extract substitute; some rosewater!

This liquid is made by distilling some rose petals with steam. It’s got a super sweet and floral scent and is popular for its aroma but it’s got some culinary values as well.

I’m going to be straight with you; rosewater won’t give you the flavor of strawberries or any of that potent strawberry taste so it would work well for you if you didn’t like that anyways.

You can use rosewater in the same amount as you would use the strawberry extract in your recipes.

  • Cranberry extract

Cranberry extract adds the unique taste of this tart, sweet but sour fruit into whatever you’re looking to recreate.

If you don’t want to use strawberry in your recipe and you’re looking for an extract with a bit more oomph than some vanilla, rosewater or even raspberry, cranberry extract might be just what you’re looking for.

Love cranberries? Have a look at some of my favourite cranberry substitutes for when you need a replacement for this delicious little fruit.

  • Vanilla extract

Tired of the fruit flavors and looking for something different?

Some vanilla extract would be a spanking choice for you.

In addition to its floral, creamy and caramel-like taste, there are so many health benefits of vanilla that would make you sold on the idea of it as a substitute.

Just like for the rosewater, it’s also important to note that vanilla extract and strawberry extract have different flavor profiles.

It doesn’t have very much in common with the taste of strawberry and if that’s a dealbreaker for you, you might want to have a look at the other more strawberry-like options below.

  • Strawberry syrup

If you’re not a fan of any of the above and really want to recreate that strawberry flavor, some strawberry syrup is just what you’ll need.

They’re great for adding a natural strawberry flavor to your desserts, drinks and all sorts of pastries. Just substitute a teaspoon of extract for one of some strawberry syrup and you’re pretty much good to go.

You can also make some yourself by mashing fresh-picked strawberries and mixing that with some lime or lemon juice and a little bit of sugar (for more of that sweet strawberry flavor) then bringing it all to a boil.

  • Strawberry jam

It isn’t just great on toast and biscuits, but strawberry jam is a commonly available option that can act as a solid strawberry extract substitute in many recipes.

It’ll give whatever you’re looking to make that authentic strawberry flavoring and a nice pink color.

I like to make mine from fresh strawberries with sugar and a bit of lemon juice, but a store-bought jar would do instead of some homemade strawberry jam too.

Strawberry jam works best for baked goods because of its consistency, but I’d advise you to be watchful of just how much you add so you don’t drastically change how your treat is going to turn out.

A single tablespoon of strawberry jam should do the trick for most recipes.

If you can’t find jam, you can also use some fresh strawberry puree.

FAQS for strawberry extract substitute

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Can I use strawberries instead of strawberry extract?

Strawberries, when mashed, processed and have their essence extracted, can be used instead of strawberry extract. Fresh strawberries can be used too, but they have to be mashed or pureed first.

Is strawberry flavoring the same as strawberry extract?

Strawberry extract and flavoring aren’t exactly the same thing. Extracts have alcohol as the solvent in the extract while flavoring uses water instead.

What is the closest fruit to strawberry?

Pineberries are the closest fruits to strawberries, tastewise and even lookswise. They’re smaller, brighter-colored strawberry-looking fruits with a taste that’s a mix of strawberries and pineapples.

BOTTOM LINE: There are so many alternatives you can use as a substitute for strawberry extract in your recipes. If you’re searching for something in your baking recipe or anything at all you’re looking to recreate without the extract, all the above options would work just fine. It all depends on what kind of taste would appeal most to you!

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