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7 Best Polish Alcoholic Drinks (not just Żubrówka)

From my dive into Polish drinks, I know that they’re characterized by a variety of tastes. So, I had to explore further and talk about the most popular Polish alcoholic drinks.

My first encounter with Polish drinks was actually through Żubrówka which is a grass bison vodka. If a drink that strong is not for you, do not worry. There’s more to Polish drinks!

One of the most popular drinks is undoubtedly piwo, which is none other than beer. I’d give it a try if you are looking for a milder, refreshing drink.

7 Best Polish Alcoholic Drinks featured image | Girl Meets Food

If finding new traditional drinks is your go-to, then Poland is definitely a destination worth exploring.

Best Polish Alcoholic Drinks

Not a fan of alcohol? Check out my list of the best non-alcoholic beverages from Poland.


A glass of Żubrówka (bison grass vodka) | Girl Meets Food

Famous Polish vodka called Żubrówka gets its herbal flavor from aromatic bison grass from the Białowieża Forest.

It’s a historic drink, which goes back more than 500 years. European bison also known as zubr is behind the name.

While I find the taste of vodka to be overly harsh, the unique herbal note in Żubrówka makes it better. When combined with apple juice, it forms the classic “Tatanka” cocktail.

Other popular Polish vodka brands include Starka vodka aged in oak barrels, Chopin, and Wyborowa.

Bimber (Moonshine)

Making Polish bimber (moonshine) drink | Girl Meets Food

Polish moonshine, called bimber, is another type of spirit distilled from sugar, potatoes or grains. It’s often illegally made and has up to 95% ABV, which does sound a bit crazy.

Plum-distilled moonshine is called śliwowica. This plum brandy has a long history of production in the mountainous areas of Łącko in the south of Poland.

The alcohol content here is around 70%, so beware!


A shot of Polish black currant Nalewka | Girl Meets Food

The classic Polish cordial or liqueur nalewka is made by steeping a neutral grain liquor or vodka as a base spirit in a myriad of fresh fruit, herb, spice, and nut components.

My favorite flavors are usually cherry or some herbal liqueur.

You may be familiar with a similar drink called nalyvka from my article on popular alcoholic beverages in Ukraine.


Four glasses of Wisniówka (cherry liqueur) on the table. Cherries are scattered around the glasses | Girl Meets Food

The type of nalewka known as wiśniówka has a relatively low alcohol concentration (about. 35%). It’s industrially made by combining spirit with water, sugar, and cherry flavor.

Cherry cordial is an alternate name for this Polish beverage.

To create a DIY cherry tincture, soak pitted cherries in vodka or spirit for a long time (about two months). Then, add syrup to sweeten the liquor.

Miód Pitny (Mead)

Two cups of Miod Pitny (Mead) with cinnamon sticks | Girl Meets Food

“Drinkable honey” (miód pitny) is the traditional Polish name for a sweet drink made of honey, water, and alcohol.

Honey is the leading flavor mixed with other ingredients including herbs, spices, and fruit juices.


Three shots of Polish krupnik (honey vodka) | Girl Meets Food

Krupnik is also known as honey vodka. It’s another popular Polish liqueur.

It has a warm and inviting spiced taste with undertones of cinnamon and vanilla.

Although krupnik goes well on its own, it can be used as an ingredient in a wide range of cocktails and hot beverages.

Piwo (Polish Beer)

A mug of beer on the wooden surface | Girl Meets Food

Beer is one of the most popular drinks in Poland. You can find wheat beers, lagers, and pilsners among the many varieties.

Zywiec, Tyskie, Okocim, Warka and Lech are just a few of the most well-known beer brands in Poland.

If you want some food to go with your drinks, my blog post about traditional Polish snacks is a good place to start.

In case you’re not a meat eater, I also have collections of Polish recipes for vegetarians and delicious Polish vegan dishes.

 Share your favorite drink in the comments!

Making Polish bimber (moonshine) drink | Girl Meets Food

7 Best Polish Alcoholic Drinks (not just Żubrówka)

Ready to explore the world of Polish alcoholic drinks beyond Żubrówka? Let’s raise a glass to Poland’s drinking culture!


  • Żubrówka
  • Bimber (Moonshine)
  • Nalewka
  • Wisniówka
  • Miód Pitny (Mead)
  • Krupnik
  • Piwo (Polish Beer)
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