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10 Best Latvian Desserts, Cakes & Rye Bread Treats

If you like berry compotes, nuts or rye bread, you’re sure to find something interesting on this list of Latvian desserts.

From Klingeris birthday cake to Sklandrausis’ rustic appeal to Rūpjmaizes Kārtojums, a layered bread treat with rye bread crumbs, choose what you like and get your dessert spoon!

Best Latvian Desserts featured image | Girl Meets Food

I can’t wait to try Latvian blueberry dumplings which sound like a very comforting recipe to me!

10 Latvian Desserts You Must Try 

The key ingredient is love but you might as well get your hands on some slices of rye bread and fresh berries to embrace the best Latvian flavors.

Rūpjmaizes Kārtojums (Layered Bread Dessert) in a glass | Girl Meets Food
Rūpjmaizes Kārtojums (Layered Bread Dessert)
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One of the most delicious Latvian desserts is Rūpjmaizes Kārtojums, which literally means “Layered Bread Dessert.”

Its characteristic layers are filled with a decadent mixture—typically blackcurrant, lingonberry or cranberry jam, and whipped cream—as well as sweetened rye bread crumbs.

An incredibly comforting and distinctively Latvian dish, this one demonstrates the clever use of common ingredients.


Two pieces of Sklandrausis on the linen cloth | Girl Meets Food

Sklandrausis, a traditional Latvian pastry, is easily recognizable by its patterns and one-of-a-kind filling.

The crust of this petite pie is made of rye flour, and the filling is a sugary potato and carrot mixture spiced with caraway.

Sklandrausis is often served with milk and honey.

Klingeris (Latvian Birthday Cake)

One Klingeris (Latvian Birthday Cake) | Girl Meets Food

As a traditional Latvian birthday and holiday cake, klingeris is a beloved part of Latvian celebrations.

Klingeris is a braided or pretzel-shaped sweet bread flavored with ground cinnamon, saffron, ground cardamom and dried fruits like raisins, prunes and currants.

It can be topped with a sprinkle of powdered sugar or sliced almonds.

Ķīselis (Kissel)

A cup of Kissel on a checkered tablecloth | Girl Meets Food

Latvian fruit jelly dish ķīselis is all about simplicity and freshness. It’s a gelatinous dessert with a silky texture created with fresh berries, water, sugar, and starch.

Ķīselis is versatile enough to be enjoyed hot or cold, like a thicker sweet dish or a drink.

My grandmother often makes this drink which goes by the name kysil’ in Ukrainian. She always tells me it’s good for the stomach.

The most common flavors here are sour cherry and redcurrant. If you’re interested, you can learn more about the drinks popular in Ukraine here!

Maizes Zupa (Latvian Bread Soup)

Sweetened dark rye bread, water, and dried fruits like apricots, dried apples and prunes make up Maizes Zupa, also known as Latvian Bread Soup, a hearty and satisfying dessert.

The combination of these ingredients creates a cold thick soup which is complete with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

I love how Latvian food presents so many cool ideas to use up leftover rye bread. Try them out and share your favorites with me!

Medus Kūka (Honey Cake)

Medus Kūka (Honey Cake) on a cutting board. A plate with a piece of cake next to it | Girl Meets Food

Honey Cake, also known as Medus Kūka, is a traditional Latvian dessert. It consists of sponge cake layers soaked in honey and sandwiched with a spicy and sweet filling, which is usually made with sour cream or condensed milk.

The cake is then allowed to sit for a while so the flavors may combine, making it a delicious, moist sweet treat.

Riekstiņi (Walnut Shaped Cookies)

Riekstini (Latvian walnut shaped cookies) on a metal tray | Girl Meets Food

Riekstiņus are shortbread cookies sandwiched together with boiled condensed milk (dulce le leche) to resemble walnuts.

You can make these cookies with a special mold like a madeleine pan or simply shape them by hand. The cookies are then baked until golden brown.

Riekstiņus are similar to Ukrainian cookies known as “Horishky”. You can check out the recipe in my collection of ideas for Ukrainian cookies.

Buberts (Semolina Pudding)

A plate of Buberts topped with berries (Semolina Pudding) on the table | Girl Meets Food

Buberts, a semolina pudding from Latvia, is famous for its soothing texture and creamy flavor.

A berry or fresh fruit compote is a common topping for this sweet dish, which is made with semolina, milk, white sugar, and occasionally vanilla flavoring.

Everyone loves buberts because it’s easy to make and tastes like comfort food from grandma’s kitchen.

Melleņu Klimpas (Blueberry Dumplings)

A plate of Melleņu Klimpas (Blueberry Dumplings) on the table | Girl Meets Food

Latvian blueberry dumplings, often known as “blueberry klimpas,” are a delicious and classic delicacy.

The dumplings are made by combining eggs, flour and milk and boiling small pieces of dough until they are soft and fluffy.

Once cooked, the dumplings can be served in rich blueberry sauce made with blueberries, water, sugar, lemon juice and starch (what we already know as ķīselis).

Torte “Cielaviņa”

A piece of Torte Cielaviņa on a plate | Girl Meets Food

Those with a sweet tooth have adored this cake for decades, and not only in Latvia.

Nobody can resist the delightful combination of nut meringue and meticulously whipped egg whites, while the decadent cocoa cream serves as a fitting crown.’

This beloved cake can be made with peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts or pistachios.

I think Ukrainian Kyiv Cake might have inspired this recipe as their preparation methods are very similar. You can find out more about Kyiv Cake in my blog post on the best Ukrainian cakes.

I hope you’ve found a traditional recipe to your taste! Share your favorite Latvian dessert dishes in the comments!

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A plate of Buberts topped with berries (Semolina Pudding) on the table | Girl Meets Food

10 Best Latvian Desserts, Cakes & Rye Bread Treats

Latvian desserts are here to impress us all! Discover classic sweet ideas from layered bread treats to delectable cakes!


  • Rūpjmaizes Kārtojums (Layered Bread Dessert)
  • Sklandrausis
  • Klingeris (Latvian Birthday Cake)
  • Ķīselis (Kissel)
  • Maizes Zupa (Latvian Bread Soup)
  • Medus Kūka (Honey Cake)
  • Riekstiņi (Walnut Shaped Cookies)
  • Buberts (Semolina Pudding)
  • Melleņu Klimpas (Blueberry Dumplings)
  • Torte “Cielaviņa”
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