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20 Fruits That Begin With Y (With Pictures and Facts)

From the exotic to the everyday, these yummy fruits that start with Y will surely leave you craving for more!

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I’ve been on this journey for quite a while now, searching the globe (through the internet, of course), bringing assorted lists of all kinds of fruits that begin with all the letters of the alphabet and what a crazy trip it has been!

As the fruit enthusiast I’ve become, I’m pleased to present you with a delightful collection of fruits that start with the letter ‘Y’ today.

From the yellow passion fruit to yangmei, take a look at them below!

20 tasty fruits that start with Y

Yali pear

Two yali pears are wrapped in white paper that are on a cutting board | Girl Meets Food

Yali pears, also known as Chinese pears, are medium-sized teardrop-shaped fruits with crisp, aromatic skin that are native to some countries in East Asia.

They have a sweet flavor and delicate texture which make them ideal for snacking and as a great addition to salads.

Botanically, this variety of Asian pear is known as Pyrus pyrifolia and is the most commercially cultivated pear in China.

Ya pear

Two ya pears and a half on white surface | Girl Meets Food

Popularly known as the Chinese white pear, the ya pear is a crisp, uniquely shaped pear with pale skin. It’s much rounder than European pears with a texture that’s more like an apple’s and a sweet taste with floral notes.

The scientific name of this fruit is Pyrus × bretschneideri and is a good source of vitamins.

Yangmei fruit

Also known as yumberry and the Chinese Bayberry, this small fruit is a sweet but sour fruit with a rough surface that has many small lumps.

Its colour varies from bright red to dark purple and its juicy flesh is rich in antioxidants.

Yangmei is a popular fruit in China and is often enjoyed fresh or made into jams and wines. It has the scientific name Morella rubra.

Yang Tao

A cultivar of the common starfruit, Yang Tao is a small round fruit with a tart but sweet flavor. It’s quite popular in some Asian countries like China and is often enjoyed fresh or used to make all kinds of sweet beverages.

Yangtao as it’s often spelled, is also known scientifically as Actinidia chinensis.

Yemenite citron

Yemenite citron on wooden surface | Girl Meets Food

The Yemenite citron is a species of citrus fruit that looks a lot like a large lemon with a pointy nose on the exterior but has very little to no juice vesicles inside.

It is one of the largest varieties of citron and its candied peel has many uses in the food industry.

Yen Ben

This variety of lemon from Australia is small and greenish-yellow with a refreshing lemony, tangy taste. It is known for being more cold-tolerant than many other varieties of lemon and is regarded as a true lemon, hence has a more sour taste than other species.

The Yen Ben lemon is perfect for adding zest to your culinary creations and can be grown in home gardens. Yen ben has the scientific name Citrus x limon ‘Yen Ben’.

Yellow bell pepper

Although they are of immense culinary value, peppers are actually botanically classified as fruits and bell peppers are large colorful fruits with a firm texture.

Yellow bell peppers are sweet fruits with yellow flesh and a crunchy juicy flavor. They make fantastic additions to salads, stir fries and all other kinds of savory dishes.

Bell peppers are members of the Capsicum genus of flowering plants.

Yellow elderberry

While most elderberries are dark purple, the Yellow Elderberry stands out with its orangish yellow hue.

Like other elderberries, they’re regarded as drupes and they have a slightly sweet to slightly bitter taste depending on the fruit and some other conditions.

Sambucus australasica is the scientific name of this fruit.

Yellow grapes

Bunch of yellow grape | Girl Meets Food

Yellow grape is an umbrella term for certain species of grapefruits that have a yellowish hue. The most known varieties of yellow grapes are the Dominga, yellow muscat and the centennial.

They are just as small, glossy and thin-skinned as other grapes and are pressed to make wines as well as all other different kinds of non-alcoholic beverages.

The scientific name of the common grape vine is Vitis vinifera.

Yellow mombin

A highly nutritional fruit, the yellow mombin is a small fruit with leathery skin that has a yellow color and is Native to the Americas.

Its pulp is thin and has a sweet but tart taste and can be eaten fresh or used to make all kinds of jams and beverages. The scientific name of this fruit is Spondias mombin.

Yellow passion fruit

Also known as the golden passion fruit and sweet granadilla, this tropical delight is an edible fruit that can be had either raw or cooked into jams and all kinds of savoury dishes.

It has a firm yellow skin that’s often tinged with greenish spots and its gelatinous sweet but sharp-tasting pulp is packed with vitamins. The yellow passion fruit has the scientific name Passiflora edulis flavicarpa.

Yellow pitahaya

Yellow pitahaya on a plate | Girl Meets Food

Also called Yellow Dragon Fruit, this vibrant fruit is visually stunning with its bright yellow skin and white flesh dotted with black seeds.

Its taste is subtly sweet, making it a delightful choice for fruit salads and smoothies. The scientific name of this fruit is Selenicereus megalanthus.

Yellow plum

Extremely sweet with a high sugar content when ripe, the yellow plums are a variety of stone fruit with a yellow to yellowish green hue.

They are also known as mirabelle plums and are used to make all kinds of pastries like cakes and galettes and sweet treats like sorbets and jams. Mirabelle plums have the scientific name Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca.

Yellow sapote

Yellow sapote on white background | Girl Meets Food

Popularly known as canistel, the yellow sapote is a tropical fruit with dry flesh and skin that’s easy to peel away once it’s ripe. The canistel is also called the egg fruit because of its bright color that resembles that of an egg yolk.

It has many health benefits and is known scientifically as Pouteria campechiana. It’s often enjoyed fresh or used to make smoothies and desserts.

Yellow strawberry

The Yellow wonder alpine strawberries are much smaller brightly cream to yellow colored cousins of the regular strawberry. Their taste and fragrance are regarded as superior to the popular red variety and they can grow in a wider range of climates.

These yellow strawberries are known as Fragaria vesca ‘Alpine Yellow’ scientifically.

Yellow watermelon

The yellow watermelon is a sweet and juicy variant of the common watermelon fruit with pinkish-red flesh. Its sweet flesh has a taste similar to that of honey with subtle notes of apricot.

This type of watermelon is also favored because of its flesh which has a vibrant golden hue that looks just as fantastic as it tastes. The scientific name of this fruit is Citrullus lanatus.

York Imperial apples

York Imperial apples | Girl Meets Food

Known for its strange shape, this type of fruit was developed sometime in the 1800s and has a crisp texture with a sugary-tart flavor.

The york imperial apple is also medium to large in size and becomes sweeter in storage, making it ideal for all kinds of baked goods. They have the scientific name Malus pumila ‘York Imperial’.

Youngberry fruit

Youngberry fruits and leaves | Girl Meets Food

The youngberry fruit is a cross of the blackberry, raspberry and dewberry. It’s a small, juicy, shiny dark-colored hybrid fruit with a taste that’s similar to the boysenberry and loganberry.

Youngberries are botanically classified as Rubus ‘Youngberry’ and are regarded as a variety of blackberry. They can be eaten fresh or made into jams, used in pies and as garnishes for many kinds of desserts and sweet treats.

Yunnan hackberry fruit

Native to the Yunnan province of China, the Yunnan hackberry fruit is a small fruit that turns dark purple when it’s ripe. It has a taste that’s very similar to cranberries and is used to make treats.

They look like little cherries or grapes but they have an extremely sweet taste, juicy but crunchy flesh and are often compared to dates. The Yunnan hackberry is known as the Celtis occidentalis scientifically.

Yuzu fruit

Yuzu fruits | Girl Meets Food

One of the most common Japanese citrus fruits, yuzu is a tangy fruit that hails from East Asia.

It has a unique flavor profile as it’s tart like many other kinds of citrus, but is also slightly bitter like the grapefruit, as sweet as mandarin oranges and sour as lemons with hints of tangerine and lime.

Yuzu fruit is used for making Asian vinegar as well as seasonings and all kinds of sauces and desserts. Yuzu has the scientific name Citrus junos.


So there you have it – more than twenty amazing fruits that all start with the letter ‘Y.’ Whether you’re a fruit fanatic like me or simply looking to excite your palate, give these fantastic fruits a try, and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Yellow pitahaya on a plate | Girl Meets Food

20 Fruits That Begin With Y (With Pictures and Facts)

Whether you're a fruit fanatic or looking to excite your palate, give these amazing fruits that start with Y a try!


  • Yali pear
  • Ya pear
  • Yangmei fruit
  • Yang Tao
  • Yemenite citron
  • Yen Ben
  • Yellow bell pepper
  • Yellow elderberry
  • Yellow grapes
  • Yellow mombin
  • Yellow passion fruit
  • Yellow pitahaya
  • Yellow plum
  • Yellow sapote
  • Yellow strawberry
  • Yellow watermelon
  • York Imperial apples
  • Youngberry fruit
  • Yunnan hackberry fruit
  • Yuzu fruit
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