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The Best Polish Side Dishes You Can’t Miss: 12 Ideas!

Whether you’re looking to complement hearty stews, meats or smoky sausages, these Polish side dishes will work for any main course.

Since the main entrée often gets all the attention, I’m here to shine a spotlight on some traditional side dishes.

Polish Side Dishes featured image | Girl Meets Food

Join me to learn more about the unique Polish flavors!

12 Best Polish Side Dishes

Meet delicious cabbage dishes, dumplings and vegetable salads to go with traditional Polish cuisine and other authentic dishes!

A pot of Polish noodles on the tablecloth | Girl Meets Food
Polish Noodles & Sauerkraut (Kluski Kapusta Kiszona)
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The combination of the soft noodles and sauerkraut in this traditional Polish side dish makes for a wonderful sensory experience.

In Kluski Kapusta Kiszona, the tangy, earthy sauerkraut complements the buttery egg noodles just so.

This dish is a delicious and filling side to many Polish recipes, especially when fried with celery and onion.

A plate of Polish cucumber salad on the table | Girl Meets Food
Polish Cucumber Salad (Mizeria)
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Cucumber salad, or mizeria, is a staple in many Polish households and one of the best Polish side salads.

This refreshing salad pairs well with heavier main courses thanks to the combination of sliced cucumbers, sour cream, lemon juice, and dill.

I think cucumber and dill are always a great combo or else there wouldn’t be any dill pickles (and that would be a shame)!

A jar of Polish pickles on the table | Girl Meets Food
Polish Dill Pickles
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You can’t really know Polish food without ogórek kiszony, or Polish dill pickle. The cucumbers are fermented in a brine solution with aromatic herbs and spices, such as fresh dill, garlic and mustard seeds.

The crunchiness and signature sour taste are the results of the fermentation process.

Polish pickles are a tangy and refreshing side dish that goes well with salads, sandwiches, and other classic Polish fare.

Air fryer frozen pierogies served with sauce on a plate | Girl Meets Food
Air Fryer Frozen Pierogies
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Frozen pierogies that have been air-fried are a contemporary take on a traditional Polish dish that saves both time and effort.

With the help of an air fryer, you can have a crunchy and tasty snack or side dish in no time!

You can use any type of frozen pierogies for this recipe—filled with potatoes, cheese, or a variety of meats.

If you’re curious about other traditional snacks, have a look at these amazing Polish snack ideas!

A pile of potato pancakes topped with sour cream on a plate | Girl Meets Food
Potato Pancakes
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Polish potato pancakes, also called placki ziemniaczane or kartoflane, are a beloved national delicacy and the very definition of comfort food.

A mixture of grated potatoes, eggs, flour, and seasonings is fried to golden perfection to make authentic potato pancakes.

These crispy treats are a great accompaniment to different traditional dishes, especially when paired with applesauce or sour cream.

This flavorful dish is also an amazing breakfast option. You can check out these easy Polish breakfast recipes for more ideas!

Fried Kielbasa in the air fryer | Girl Meets Food
Air Fryer Kielbasa
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The classic Polish sausage, kielbasa, gets a contemporary makeover in this recipe that calls for an air fryer.

When kielbasa is air-fried, the inside remains juicy and flavorful while the outside becomes crisp and slightly caramelized.

The end product is an easy and fast way to savor the flavor and texture of this classic Polish sausage.

Although it’s mostly served as a main dish, air fryer kielbasa can make a great side dish alongside other Polish favorites like pierogies or sauerkraut.

You can air fry it on its own or follow this recipe with crispy potatoes and roasted bell peppers.

A plate of Sweet Potato Dumplings on a grey surface. There are some sauces next to the plate | Girl Meets Food
Sweet Potato Dumplings
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Sweet potatoes are transformed into a delicious twist on classic dumplings in these Sweet Potato Pierogies.

Blending mashed sweet potatoes with cheese and aromatic spices creates a distinctively rich and sweet dumpling filling.

In this recipe, fresh rosemary-infused oil is used to pan-fry these potstickers creating a delicious Polish meal, snack or side dish.

Kluski Śląskie (Silesian Dumplings)

A plate of Kluski Śląskie (Silesian Dumplings) on the table | Girl Meets Food

The Silesian region of Poland (Katowice, Wrocław) is famous for its renowned specialty, Kluski Śląskie, also known as Silesian Dumplings. 

These dumplings are made with mashed potatoes, a touch of potato starch and sometimes egg.

Serving Silesian Dumplings with some meat, gravy or savory sauce elevates their simple yet comforting taste.


A piece of bread and horseradish sauce Polish Horseradish Beets Ćwikła) | Girl Meets Food

“Ćwikła” is a classic Polish condiment that is prepared from grated horseradish and beets.

Grated horseradish with boiled and grated beets make for a vivid and tasty condiment that is perfect for making this lively and fiery relish.

Ćwikła adds a spicy kick to various dishes, making it a perfect accompaniment to sausages, cold meats, and sandwiches.

Sałatka Jarzynowa

A bowl of Sałatka Jarzynowa before mixing | Girl Meets Food

Sałatka Jarzynowa is a traditional Polish salad made with a variety of cooked vegetables and a dressing made of mayonnaise or an alternative mayonnaise-based condiment.

This hearty salad often features potatoes, carrots, green peas, hard-boiled eggs, onion and pickled cucumber. It’s a common side dish at parties and get-togethers with loved ones.


A plate of Polish Kopytka (potato dumpling) | Girl Meets Food

Traditional Polish kopytka potato dumplings are similar to Italian gnocchi. “Kopytka” means “little hooves” in Polish, a nod to the shape of these dumplings.

Mash potatoes, flour, and occasionally an egg are mixed to create a dough for Kopytka. Boiling these dumplings until they float to the top is a common way to cook them.

Kopytka can be either a main dish or served on the side of meat dishes like goulash, stew and other hearty soups.

Sałatka Ziemniaczana

A bowl of Sałatka Ziemniaczana (potato salad) | Girl Meets Food

Sałatka Ziemniaczana is a popular salad that typically consists of boiled potatoes with bacon, onion and pickled cucumber. 

To garnish the salad, most people use mayonnaise or a dressing made with mayonnaise. To add more acidity, you might try changing it up with mustard, vinegar, or sour cream.

 What are your favorite side dishes from this list? Share them in the comments!

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Fried Kielbasa in the air fryer | Girl Meets Food

The Best Polish Side Dishes You Can’t Miss: 12 Ideas!

Explore delicious Polish side dishes to go with your mains, including traditional favorites like sauerkraut and kluski!


  • Polish Noodles & Sauerkraut (Kluski Kapusta Kiszona)
  • Polish Cucumber Salad (Mizeria)
  • Polish Dill Pickles
  • Air Fryer Frozen Pierogies
  • Potato Pancakes
  • Air Fryer Kielbasa
  • Sweet Potato Dumplings
  • Kluski Śląskie (Silesian Dumplings)
  • Ćwikła
  • Sałatka Jarzynowa
  • Kopytka
  • Sałatka Ziemniaczana
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