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What is GirlMeetsFood all about?

GirlMeetsFood is a blog dedicated to exploring the world of food, with a focus on Ukrainian cuisine and other Eastern European foods. I share authentic recipes, culinary traditions and more.

Who is behind GirlMeetsFood?

Viktoriia is the ‘girl’ in GirlMeetsFood, a writer and food lover from Ukraine. You can visit the About Me page to learn more.

How can I contact GirlMeetsFood?

You can reach out to me through the contact form on my Contact page or email me at [email protected]. I love hearing from our readers and welcome your questions, feedback, and collaboration inquiries.

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes, I do! You can sign up for my newsletter to find out about new blog posts and deals. Just click “Subscribe” in the subscription box located on my homepage or any blog article.

Is blogging your full-time job?

Yes, blogging is my full-time occupation at the moment. Prior to blogging, I spent three years teaching English while also freelancing as a writer.

What’s your favorite part about blogging?

I love the writing, the food and of course my readers! I get to learn new things every day and share them with amazing people.

Do you eat everything on your blog?

I share a wide variety of foods from all over Eastern Europe, which means I don’t always get to taste everything. However, I test each of my own recipes before sharing it with you.


Do you collaborate with brands or other bloggers?

Yes, I’m open to collaborations with brands, fellow bloggers, and food-related businesses. If you’re interested in partnering with GirlMeetsFood, please visit my Work With Me page to learn more.

Can I submit a guest post or recipe to GirlMeetsFood?

No, I am currently the only author of this site, and I do not accept guest posts.

Do you offer advertising opportunities on GirlMeetsFood?

At this time, I’m not looking for new ad networks and advertising options, including sponsored links.

How can I stay updated on collaborations and partnerships with GirlMeetsFood?

To stay updated on my latest collaborations and partnerships, subscribe to my newsletter and follow GirlMeetsFood on social media. I’ll share updates and announcements about collaborations on my blog, Instagram, and Pinterest.