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Along H Street NE sits Sidamo Coffee & Tea. When you walk in, you realize that this quaint shop is all about the coffee. There’s no frills, just a few chairs and tables as well as coffee-related propaganda lightly strewn throughout the shop. I love a macchiato, I really do as it is the most pure dose you can get without being overwhelmed; however, that is not what I ordered. The kind barista behind the counter recommended a latte. Sure, why not.

Sidamo Coffee Shop

Most of us coffee lovers, are not used to a specific amount of time being taken out to actually craft a cup of joe. Normally it is a rushed or afterthought of an experience but not here. Sit down, pull out a book or your laptop and wait. With only two people working, there was a calm preparation of my drink. When it arrived, there wasn’t any fancy art (even though I do like that kind of stuff, don’t judge me.) Yet, what was there, was taste.

Cups & Saucers

The blend present here at the shop is an extension of the product that comes from the Ethiopian province of Sidamo. Known for its floral aroma and crisp flavors, Sidamo’s Coffee & Tea mimics this in a way that isn’t overwhelming as they serve only “organic, shade grown, fair traded [coffee.]” What I will say is when I return, their Sidamo Macchiato is next on my list. Although the latte was yummy, it was quite mellow. I wanted to taste more of the notes Sidamo coffee beans are known for. However, don’t get us wrong, great coffee but for serious buffs go for as strong as your palette can stand.

Coffee Roaster

Sidamo Coffee & Tea
417 H St. NE
Washington, DC 20002

Feature photo: Yelp/Kristine M.