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We all have strange requests when we go into restaurants: low-calorie fried chicken, biscuits with no dough, croque monsieur without ham. Some are stranger than others. Here are some of the odder requests we’ve heard this week:

  • Capitol Hill’s Good Stuff Eatery regularly receives requests for a burger without the beef. So just a bun and toppings.
  • Seasons in Georgetown has a guest who orders a scrambled egg yolk only for breakfast.
  • Anonymous restaurant: “Attention all brunch diners: when the menu says ‘3 eggs any way, it doesn’t mean one scrambled, one poached and one fried. #YesSomeoneOrderedThat.” This tweet came from Chef Tiffany MacIsaac @TiffMacisaac, but this incident didn’t happen at one of Neighborhood Restaurant Group’s places. This order is actually genius.
  • At El Mariachi, an underrated restaurant in Rockville, two guests ordered a seafood chimichanga not deep-fried. Isn’t that a burrito?
  • Poste Moderne Brasserie in Penn Quarter had a guest ask to borrow stock pots to make a drum for a wedding, a request for an omelet with no eggs, and steak tartare…well done.

Looks like Poste’s Chef Dennis Marron is a man to have on your side. “I say yes to everything and I appreciate the challenge,” he said. “I will always do what I can to make a guest happy. For the guy requesting the pots for a drum, we actually gave him a couple 5 gallon buckets!”