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He wasn’t my first love, but he definitely ranked in the top 10 when I was 10.  Whether he was helping me make homemade cards or jewelry my mom would never wear in public, he was a childhood flame who melted my heart and the very cheese that coated him.

Years later, he waltzes back into my life and goes by the name Gilroy. Homeroom’s Gilroy Mac ($8.50) makes me want to put a ring on it. The Gilroy puts mac ‘n’ cheese from a box to shame, mixing creamy gouda, sharp pecorino and roasted garlic under a layer of golden brown breadcrumbs. With a rich, creamy morsel promised in every bite, the Gilroy makes it near impossible to resist being “that” person at the next table constantly (and rather shamelessly) crooning with eyes shut. Guilty!

Embodying the image of a “home away from home-cooked meal, the Gilroy Mac is made from cheeses from local cheesemakers.  Homeroom has 10 types of mac ‘n’ cheese, including one with hot dogs and crushed potato chips and a vegan version, plus an extensive list of local craft beers and wine to complement them. It becomes clear that Homeroom isn’t just serving a bunch of cheese-covered noodles. The Gilroy Mac is what falling in love looks like, if it were melted and baked with the faint smell of garlic.

Homeroom Mac + Cheese Restaurant
400 40th Street
Oakland, CA 94609

Photo: Asia Camagong