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K-town Chicken & Hof and I saw each other for what was a passionate affair broken up by my need to lose weight in preparation for a visit home to Mom’s. After agonizing weeks and months of separation, I was once again able to visit! I was struck with a feeling of nostalgia as I descended the steps to this basement haven of cheap fried chicken. Joy filled my heart and K-pop filled my ears. My eyes were greeted with colorful Christmas lights, baubles, and super skinny, baby-faced Korean celebrities gyrating their way through music on TV screens.We arrived early and ordered a pitcher (alcohol must be ordered to get the special happy hour prices on wings) and lots of wings–mild, soy sauce, and K-Town peanut. The K-town peanut is delicious, but the mild and soy sauce are bland. Korean fried chicken is usually a bit sweet no matter the flavor.

What’s pretty awesome about K-town Chicken & Hof is that the wings come straight from fryer to table, double-fried for crunch, and piping-hot when served. I also think it’s cute that they attempt to make things healthy by serving an odd little salad of shredded cabbage and what tastes like Thousand-Island dressing (so maybe not too healthy).

K-town Chicken & Hof is popular enough to fill up, but I’ve never seen it get to the point where there are lines, and seating is spacious. Like any bar, noise levels tend to be high, but never to a point where you have to yell yourself hoarse. And sports fans, never fear! To offset the K-pop music videos, there are always a few TVs that are tuned in to ESPN. If you aren’t in the mood for fried chicken, their kimchi fried rice is one of the best in Manhattan, the ddukbokki is dreamy, the casseroles are quite popular, and I’ve always wanted to try their fries.

K-town Chicken & Hof
32 W 32nd St
New York, NY 10001