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by Amanda Terillo

Ted’s Bulletin may be known for their delicious burgers and sandwiches, but I know them for their boozy milkshakes. BOOZY. MILKSHAKES.

We went inside and immediately our eyes went to the wall full of descriptions of their milkshakes. My little brother drooled over their Pop-Tarts. We ordered The Dirty Girl Scout, Bailey’s Caramel Macchiato and the Nutty Professor milkshakes, and a Blueberry Cheesecake Pop-Tart. The milkshakes are definitely big enough to share–or not, depending how thirsty you are.

My favorite was definitely the Dirty Girl Scout. Just the perfect balance of mint and chocolate. I especially loved the whole pieces of cookies folded in. You can even taste the alcohol, which was needed after two full days with my family. As for the Pop-Tart, couldn’t tell ya because my brother devoured it! I took the 15-year-old’s word for it that it was “life changing.”

Photo courtesy of Ted’s Bulletin