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Say it with me, sssllooowww fffooddd. Yes, Slow Food is the opposite of fast food. Slow Food originated in Italy to protest against the McDonald’s coming to town. The McDonald’s did get built, but a great organization arose.

slowfooddc_justlogo-300x300Slow Food is a global grassroots organization that has local chapters throughout the world.  There’s a DC Chapter which includes Northern Virginia, Maryland and even parts of West Virginia. The goal of slow food is to help people actually enjoy and appreciate food. How about that?! Slow Food not only concerns itself with food, but  people in the food industry to make sure employes are treated fairly, with the environment (hey we cannot have food without adequate soil and of course the farmers, ranchers and fishers who
bring us food on a daily basis.

To achieve these goals  Slow Food works towards 4 program areas:

  • Biodiversity:
    Focus on family farming vs industrialized and corporate farms. Corporate farms generally produce only one crop which lowers the quality of the soil.
  • Children & Food
    School Gardens – we have a bunch of those in DC (woot woot)
  • Convening
    Gatherings with fellow Slow Foodies (aka parties with awesome food)
  • Food Communities.
    Getting the message across through events, film screenings, etc.

Slow Food awards restaurants, producers, markets and farms a “Snail of Approval” to those who contribute good, clear and fair food to the community. Check out the restaurants below that are Snail Approved in DC:

Learn more about Slowfood DC here!

Photos courtesy of Restaurant Nora and Slow Food DC