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Scratch DC
When I look in the fridge at dinnertime and all I see is beer and cookie dough, I proceed to spend a lot of money–be it at the grocery store to make a fancy recipe, or to reach the delivery minimum for something horribly delicious like Popeye’s (I am only mildly ashamed of knowing they deliver). Even bad or lazy cooks deserve to eat well, and a new service has arrived to feed us all!

Inspired by similar frustrations in the kitchen, Ryan Hansan launched ScratchDC recently with an arsenal of simple recipes ready to be shared. He’s been single-handedly trekking through Northwest DC (though hoping to expand soon), delivering prepped and measured ingredients right to your door.

These bundles of joy ($20-$27) contain exactly what you need to cook a wonderful and healthy meal for two, including instructions that are witty, easy to follow, and even list from where each locally-sourced/organic ingredient came. There’s also contact information in case you have questions or mess anything up; keep this nearby in case you get distracted by Instagramming every step of the process.

The menu changes daily and is available Monday-Thursday for the delivery time of your choice. I ordered the Baked Fried Chicken and Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Broccoli dinner, and it felt like Christmas morning. Even though I knew what I was getting, the fun part was ripping open every perfectly-packaged part and also finding two surprise balls of cookie dough for dessert (as if I needed more).

Thirty minutes later, I was enjoying one of the best meals I’d ever prepared in my kitchen. The baked chicken definitely had me fooled, as it magically looked and tasted fried. A genius method of boiling pasta directly in milk made the mac n’ cheese creamy and up to my Lisha “and Cheese” standards. There might have been some kinks with the pasta seasonings…which also could’ve been my fault (I should’ve taken my own advice on that contact info).

Regardless, I loved everything about this unique dining experience. It’s a lot more exciting to cook when the hard work has already been done for you, and ScratchDC is happy to do it. It’s easy to see how much thought they put into every single detail, which is why some customers have already started to order bundles for every day of the week.

So no more sulking over an empty fridge or second-guessing the takeout you just ate. Instead, you won’t regret ordering a bundle from ScratchDC. Unless you burn something, in which case here’s the number for Popeye’s.