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Famous couples have a knack for shaping the quality of romance. Juliet died for Romeo. Victoria Beckham pays attention to David even when he speaks. Harry did both meet and meat Sally. These well-known pairings paint pictures of timeless romances drawing in suckers during the season of love that is springtime.

Yet, none outshine the three famous pairings found in California listed below. These represent the type of romance leaving you unbuttoning your pants, wiping your mouth, and still wanting to introduce it to your friends—because, yes, such a thing can and does exist.

Pizza + Beer

In a classic tale of pie meets brew, Pizza Port (pictured in feature photo) offers the dynamic duo of local brews and specialty pizzas. Depending on the size of the pizza, prices range from $8-22. Whether you order Pizza San Francisco, which features bacon, salami, and bell peppers, or Pizza Carlsbad, a delicious showcase of the magic that is pesto, sundried tomatoes, feta, and artichoke hearts, the pies don’t disappoint taste buds longing for a good time.

Match it with handcrafted beer featuring names like California Honey, Shark Bite Red, and Cardiff Chronic to complete a marriage of flavor that thankfully hasn’t been ruled unconstitutional.

Bread + Pasta

Just as Beyonce displayed at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards for her performance of “Run the World,” sometimes there is no better backup dancer for her than Queen Bey herself.

Bread is a carb whose perfect partner is none other than its fellow carb, pasta. Devine Pastabilities takes hollow garlic bread rolls and stuffs them with your choice of pasta, be it ravioli, lasagna, spaghetti, or bow-tie with pesto. With prices ranging from $7-11, find it very unlikely that this pairing has anyone complaining about not getting their fill.

Booze + Dessert

Babycakes dares to go where cookies and milk could never. Joining together a full bar and bakery, this cozy haven has a welcoming atmosphere. Offering a number of gourmet cupcakes ($3.50) and tarts, Babycakes beckons you to further indulge with specialty cocktails in flavors such as Orange Creamsicle, NYC Cheesecake, and Chunky Munky.