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One of the most popular restaurants in K-Town, BCD Tofu House has a line at peak dinner hours, even though there are three floors of seating. So we went on a Saturday for lunch and were able to get seated right away. BCD Tofu House is a restaurant group with several locations in California, New Jersey, and in K-Town in Midtown Manhattan. There’s lots to love here and it’s my go-to place for soondubu (Korean tofu stew). Three things that keep me coming back:

1. The banchan

The little tapas-like dishes with great flavors that start every Korean meal. I love the large selection, and BCD’s specialty is the fish. I have made trips here just for this fish.

2. The freshest tofu

The tofu is the freshest I’ve tried; however, the flavor is standard fare. Not bad, nothing to write home about, but still provides that satiated feeling of comfort food. A plus is that BCD Tofu House offers a non-spicy soondubu, which most Korean restaurants don’t, so it’s worth noting for a friend group with varied tastes.

3. The excellent service

The servers are noticeably busy and will hurry through their tasks, but they’re never rude or impatient. Rice is presented in individual clay pots and a great touch is, after the rice is scooped into metal bowls for eater, warm water is added to the clay pot to create a soup and served as a light, last course.

4. The seafood pancake

BCD does the Korean pancake very well. I prefer the kimchi one, but for this visit, we shared a seafood pancake, since some of us didn’t eat spicy. BCD offers their pancakes in a choice of a small and large portions. A server cut and served it tableside, leaving the rest in a bowl. No struggles with knives and chopsticks!

5. The menu

BCD’s non-soondubu entrees are solid choices as well. I’ve had chicken teriyaki, bibimbap, and a few others, and they were great choices for sharing or for introducing a wide variety of Korean dishes to the newly initiated.

In all, BCD Tofu House provides a pleasant dining experience that is great for dining alone or in groups and hits the spot when you’re craving Korean fare. On my list of go-to spots!

BCD Tofu House, various locations in the U.S.