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I recently went to LuAnne’s Wild Ginger on a date–the restaurant had a great date night atmosphere with adorable but simple decor. Take a look at the server station! It’s as if we’re in Thailand! To start, we ordered a Thai iced tea and a scallion pancake to share. The Thai iced tea was well done, and we both loved the scallion pancake. The pancake was not too fried, flaky and soft. The sweet flavors of tomato, sweet pepper and mango salsa soaked through, which is a nice twist on the traditional scallion pancake. We briefly debated ordering a second one, but wisely waited for our entrees.

I was curious about vegan seafood, so we ordered the Seaside Soyfood as well as the sweet & sour sesame soy protein and pumpkin cheesecake to finish. I liked the sweet & sour sesame soy protein better and the soy protein was lightly-fried. I liked that my dish had a bunch of different veggies in it, but wasn’t a fan of the soy seafood. My main gripe is that the texture is much firmer than seafood. The flavor of the imitation crab (or lobster?) meat was tasteless, which was all right because it was mild like the rest of the dish, but the vegan fish I found weirdly salty and awkwardly in the realm of too-firm-for-real-fish but also too-soft-to-make-sense.

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A very yummy (vegan) pumpkin cheesecake ????

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After we polished everything off, we liked the atmosphere enough to stay for tea and dessert. The Jasmine 3 Tea Blend smelled delicious (yay jasmine!) and was light enough to accompany the vegan cheesecake. Deliciously pumpkiny and very rich, it was more dense than real cheesecake. The tea was served in a legit cast iron teapot because clearly, it’s important to feel badass when pouring tea.

LuAnne’s Wild Ginger Pan-Asian Vegan 
Multiple locations
380 Broome Street
New York, NY 10013

Photo courtesy of LuAnne’s Wild Ginger Pan-Asian Vegan