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You thought the cupcake trend was over? Have you seen the line at Georgetown Cupcake? Preferring cupcakes of the Funfetti variety, and too impatient to wait in any line, I ventured into the world of The Piping Gourmets’ Ready. Set. Cupcake! a new frozen batter and frosting product available in the  your neighborhood Whole Foods.  Made with all-natural ingredients and available in gluten-free, dairy-free and kosher varieties, these come ready to thaw, bake and smother with icing in a snap.  Take note, lazy bakers: the cleanup is awesomely minimal.

But what about the final product?  I’m all about the cake portion of a cupcake, and these were pretty good albeit somewhat dense. And the buttercream icing–now that was delish.  Light, fluffy and not overly sweet.  Next time, I’ll try adding nuts and other goodies to both the batter and icing.  The Piping Gourmets even offer recipe ideas on their website. While Ready. Set. Cupcake! doesn’t come cheap (around $7 per package, batter and icing sold separately), they’re quick, easy, tasty and great for last-minute, like when you forget your hubby’s birthday.