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Let it not be said that Washingtonians don’t enjoy their Sunday brunch.  The morning-after social scene is simply an excuse to keep the festivities going under the pretense of chicken and waffles. When nursing a nasty hangover, I say just keep on truckin’.

Expand your horizons beyond mimosas and Bloody Marys and try one of these light pick-me-ups with beer, bubbles or refreshing fruit juices.  Large doses of vitamin B-12 work well too, such as in seafood, beef and eggs.  Which is why after a particularly rough night, I’ll drink a glass of Prosecco then stick my head in a bucket of fried tilapia.

  • Pearl Dive Oyster Palace/Black Jack’s Pearl Cup will wake you up like a cold garden hose.  A take on the Pimm’s Cup with freshly sliced cucumbers and gin, it is light, sweet and extremely refreshing.  1612 14th Street NW, Washington, DC. 202.989.5225.
  • Immensely popular in New Orleans, where it was invented, the Ramos Gin Fizz ($14) at Founding Farmers is light and frothy, with egg white, sugar and soda.  1924 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC. 202.822.TRUE.
  • The Strawberry Gulick ($10, pictured) at Cork is bright as a pink sunrise with gin, strawberry-mint syrup, Plymouth Sloe Gin and sparkling wine.  1720 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC. 202.265.2675.
  • The pomegranate mimosa ($7) at Kramerbooks & Afterwords is deep red, bright and fruity with Pama pomegranate liqueur and champagne.  1517 Conn. Avenue NW, Washington DC. 202.387.3825.

Photo courtesy of Kramerbooks & Afterwords