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It’s hot. Not just wear-a-polo-instead-of-a-long-sleeve hot. I’m talking DEFCON-swass-on-the-sweat-scale hot. Swamp fever in DC heralds Nats games, long waits for patio tables and summer drinking, so luckily the good people at Port City have come up with the prefect beer: the Downright Pilsner.

And drinking outdoors alleviates the guilt you’d feel if you were drunk on the couch at two in the afternoon.  Maybe. The Downright Pilsner is the fourth seasonal offering from the Alexandria, Virginia-based brewery and is sure to complement any cook-out, day at the beach or air-conditioner humping.Downright Pilsner has a creamy malt flavor with a crisp, spicy finish, and uses noble Saaz hops, which means that you have to curtsy before every sip. The seasonal is a limited-release beer, so make sure to check out the Port City Beer Locator to find your favorite establishment.

The Port City Revival Stout is also something really special. It uses Chesapeake Bay oysters from the War Shore Oyster Company to create a traditional oyster stout.  The slightly briny flavor works so well that it’ll win over folks who aren’t beer fans.  Plus, 5% of Revival Stout sales are donated to the Oyster Recovery Partnership to support the Chesapeake Bay oyster population.

Find it at Urbana’s Oyster/Beer Happy Hour on Friday, July 13th from 4-7 pm; and Light Horse’s Port City Dinner on July 17th.

Port City Brewing Company
3950 Wheeler Avenue
Alexandria, VA