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Washington’s steady march towards culinary respectability continues this summer with the growth of the District’s own homegrown microbrewery, Chocolate City Beer. Coming up on their one-year anniversary, Chocolate City has teamed up with Scoutmob and Dangerously Delicious Pies to bring another hit to the unbroken string of awesomeness that is H Street NE.
The first ever Blossom Bake & Brew will take place tomorrow from 4-7 pm.Aside from pie and live music, you’ll be able to try Sakura Washington, a dark cherry Belgian ale debuting at the event and concocted solely for H Street’s bars and restaurants.

Chocolate City has had strong ties to the neighborhood ever since The Pug gave them a foothold in the area. Sakura, meaning cherry blossom in Japanese, hails from the Belgian Abbey Ale family, which the Chocolate City guys describe as “dark, sweet and yeasty,” but distinguishes itself with a delicious cherry finish. With a 6
.2% ABV, a couple of pints of Sakura Washington and you’re going to feel like you ran the Cherry Blossom Ten-Mile backwards. Twice.

Chocolate City has come a long way in just a year. Starting out with what co-founder Jason Irizarry describes as a love of beer and roughly $38 in the bank, Chocolate City will be featured as the sole beer purveyor at this year’s Radio and TV Congressional Correspondent’s dinner in June, hosted by comedian Louis C.K.

Rounding out the quartet of founders are Ben Matz, Don Parker and Brian Flanigan, brewers and businessmen who have an eye on the District’s past as well as its future. If you want a bit of history to help wash down your tasty brew, check out the 1814 ESB–named in honor of the burning of the White House during the War of 1812–a pint crafted in the finest British beer tradition, as opposed to the house-burning one.

If tipping a few back on H Street isn’t enough, go directly to the source. Check out Chocolate City’s growlers, for sale every Saturday from [12:30]-4:00 pm. The brewery is conveniently located a short walk from the Brookland/CUA Metro. For the more athletic imbibers, you can bike right up to the 8th Street NE entrance of Chocolate City along the Metropolitan Trail.

Just remember, transferring the beer to your water bottle is not a legal loophole.

Chocolate City Beer Brewery
2801 8th Street NE
Washington, DC 20017