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It’s 7 in the morning and you’re in the kitchen making breakfast. Through the open window, you can see the blooming sunshine. A warm breeze filters in, bringing the smell of roses and lilacs as you daydream. Suddenly, you hear screeching tires and a loud crash. There’s been a terrible accident.

You run out to the street to see that a wine truck and a fruit truck have collided. There are broken wine bottles and bleeding citrus fruits everywhere. It’s a gory sight. But when life gives you lemons, limes and cantaloupe, make sangria.

Carmine’s Molto Italiano Sangria is a twist on traditional recipes which uses brandy.  Carmine’s instead uses vermouth for sangria that is lightly sweet and very refreshing.  Make them in advance for your next picnic, party or barbecue!  There’s a red and a white version.  Try them both this summer:

Carmine’s White and Red Sangrias

4 bottles of Carmine’s Trebbiano or other white wine
¾ cup Monin cantaloupe syrup
¾ cup lemon juice
1¾ cups Cinzano Bianco or other sweet vermouth
¼ cup peach Schnapps
¾ cup simple syrup

Mix all liquids together and put into pitchers with garnish: 16 each of orange, lemon and lime slices, 25 fresh basil leaves, and 16 cantaloupe half moons (peel the cantaloupe, cut in half lengthwise, remove seeds, flip over hallowed side down and cut widthwise half moon crescents about ¼ inch thick). When ready to serve, pour into large wine glass filled with ice, make sure to spoon the garnishes into the glasses. Makes 1 gallon. Serves 8.

4 bottles of Carmine’s Montepulciano or other red wine
¼ cup Luxardo Maraschino
¼ cup Monin berry purée
¾ cup peach liqueur
1¾ cups Cinzano or other sweet vermouth
¾ cup lemon juice
1¼ cups simple syrup
1 cup orange juice

Mix all liquids together and put into pitchers with garnish: 8 sprigs of rosemary cut into 2-inch pieces, 16 orange twists (the outer rind of the peel—no white pith), and 16 small red grape clusters. When ready to serve, pour into large wine glasses filled with ice. Spoon garnishes on top for a nice presentation. Makes 1 gallon. Serves 8.