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As a food enthusiast, have you found yourself bored with simply going to the newest restaurant in town? Why not help promising chefs launch their concepts? Enter Prequel – the first restaurant pop-up complex in the country. Throughout the year, Prequel plays host to established and up-and-coming chefs alike providing a safe space to experiment with concepts that vary from bakeries to juice bars to full-fledged meals. Many chefs are allowed the opportunity to use this platform to fundraise for their concepts while receiving invaluable feedback from on-trend food enthusiast and friends, alike.

The first dinner pop-up concept to breeze through Prequel’s space is Lighthouse.  Lighthouse will eventually open in the city with a straightforward menu of various burgers, including a veggie option, whole Maine lobster and lobster roll. Right now, guests kick-off the meal with a signature cocktail followed by half a 1.25 lb. Maine lobster & 6 oz. burger paired with your choice of wine or beer. Dessert will be provided by another Prequel pop-up, Bluebird Bakery. Guests can provide detailed feedback cards so that Lighthouse can improve its offerings before it opens its own restaurant.

Interested? Lighthouse will be popping up from May 14th-June 12th every Thursday through Saturday
at 6:30pm and 8:30pm. Get your tickets here. Girl Meets Food readers get $10 off using code: girlmeetsfood.

Ginger Peach Bellini



Half 1.25 lb. Maine lobster w. simple green salad + pickled carrots + lemon tarragon dressing



6o z. burger w. gem lettuce + tomato jam + maple-smoked cheddar on fresh housemade brioche bun + triple-cooked fries