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Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on much, but great food always gets a bi-partisan vote.

In May, Hunch analyzed the eating habits of liberals and conservatives.  Soft shell tacos and grilling burgers at home are bi-partisan favorites, conservatives are more likely to eat fast food, and liberals prefer wine with dinner.  Politicos in Washington all love to eat, but where do they congregate?

Catch the Conservatives

Conservative appetites crave meat, like the 8 oz. center-cut filet mignon ($36) with Oscar-worthy jumbo lump crab meat, Béarnaise sauce and grilled asparagus at The Caucus Room (401 9th Street NW; 202.393.1300).  A large pint of beer is usually the beverage of choice.

Two bars in Georgetown, Rhino Bar (3295 M Street NW; 202.333.3150) and George (3251 Prospect Street NW; 202.333.1735) also tend to attract the conservative crowd.

Dine Liberally

Liberals consider themselves foodies more than conservatives.  At Bistro Bis (15 E Street NW; 202.661.2700), the liberal gastronome would start with a heirloom beet salad ($12.25) with Boursin cheese, pistachios, and orange.  Next, a plate of sweet, tender sea scallops ($28.50) sautéed in chanterelle mushrooms and coriander-dill vinaigrette. Lastly, a true liberal would order a glass of wine to wash it all down.

DC’s oldest Irish bar, Hawk and Dove (329 Pennsylvania Ave SE; 202.543.3300) is known as a Democrats’ watering hole which serves strong drinks.

Sonoma’s wine bar (223 Pennsylvania Ave SE; 202.544.8088) is like a ticket to Disneyland for the liberal wine lover.  Unique vegetable and cheese offerings satisfy the complex palate, like a small plate of grilled peaches ($10) with Pipe Dreams chèvre, crispy prosciutto, and 12-year balsamic; or the hearty rainbow trout ($22), roasted with baby eggplant, fingerling potatoes and tomato vinaigrette.

Places Everyone Can Agree On

Hill staffers must scramble for lunch, so Sweetgreen (221 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; 202.547.9338), Spike Mendelsohn’s Good Stuff Eatery and We, the Pizza (303 Pennsylvania Avenue SE) in Capitol Hill are always bi-partisan favorites. These restaurants along Pennsylvania Avenue are an exciting alternative to the Longworth Cafeteria.

So as you can see, the term “cutting the pork” doesn’t always mean cutting spending.  While enjoying these locations, stop and notice the clientele. Who knows?  You might overhear the latest gossip in legislative news.

Photo: Barely Political