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Do you work in Dupont Circle/Farragut Square and often find yourself hankering for a bowl of ramen? Tucked away on M Street, just doors down from the acclaimed family-run sub-shop Bub & Pop’s, the new Oki Bowl DC & Sake is unassuming–a girl could stroll right by it in a heartbeat–yet, it’s a powerhouse of flavor.The shop, the definition of a hole-in-the-wall, has a funky sign that looks like parts of a watch to draw you in. Once inside, it feels like the inside of a watchmakers shop–the likes of Antoni Patek & Adrien Philippe would feel at home. But don’t get distracted by the decor–grab a bar stool or a seat at the communal tables and get ready for a warm treat. Though the menu is limited, each dish packs a punch of flavor.If you’re a fan of Thai curry and fried chicken, go for the Curry Ramen (pictured). If you prefer something more traditional, go for the Miso Ramen. And for those ramen-haters out there, the shop has rice bowls with choices of meat. Pro-tip: Don’t go with a large group or if you’re in a rush.