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Clerks, Taylor ham, Jersey Shore, Zach Braff, Atlantic City… Jersey is famous for a lot of things.  But burgers?  Yep.  As a girl without a grill, I struggle to perfect the home burger, but this does the trick.  Sweet, tangy onions perfectly balance smoky Gouda cheese.  It’s a damn good burger.  I also added a sunny side up egg because well, if you’re pre-gaming for a night out, a morning burger is sure to prevent a dreaded hangover.

Photo: Getty Images

New Jersey-Style Hangover Burgers

1 sunny side up fried egg*
1-2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 lbs ground chuck (15% fat content)
Salt to taste
1 softball-sized white onion, diced and put into a mixing bowl with enough warm water to cover the onions
½ lb smoked Gouda cheese, preferably apple-smoked
Multigrain English muffins
Dijon mustard

Heat extra virgin olive-oil over medium high heat (a cast iron skillet works best).  Divide the beef into 8 even portions.  Roll each portion into a meatball, working the meat as little as possible.  Salt the meatballs liberally.  Once the pan is hot, add the balls in batches being careful not to overcrowd the pan.  Let the beef ball sear on one side for a few seconds, then flip it over and flatten it out completely.

Ladle on some onions and warm water and lightly press the onions into the top of the patty.  Flip the burger once the bottom of the burger has browned after about 4 minutes for medium/medium-rare.  Top with Gouda and cook another 4 minutes.  Serve hot on an English muffin with your preferred condiments.  Makes 8 big-ass burgers.

*Pro tip: Put olive oil into a pan over low-medium heat.  Raise the handle of the pan so that the olive oil collects on one side a bit.  Crack the egg over the heat source.  Spoon the olive oil over the top of the egg.  The egg will cook beautifully, thoroughly and without burnt edges.